Friday, October 05, 2018

The Plane the Democrats Would Crash

Would without a doubt be this one if this happens.


Anonymous said...

Fuck that. Send in a digital vote. Obama used the Robopen to extend the Patriot Act. Give the bastards the War they want.

leeholsen said...

I'm telling you straight. if we are at the point now where democrat official will motivate their followers to "get in their face", shoot other elected gopers and beat up elected gopers; which they have; we are less than 10 years from violence private person to private person over politics and largely a lot less than 10 years.

The captain is right, "Enjoy the Decline"; because the decline is here. I know the captain enjoys his by taking scenic trips on his cycle, I'm hoping to do similar in my Pontiac solstice; the last roadster built by an American car company.

Red Pill Wisdom said...

Some Demoncrat politicians have wished for and called for death on Republicans before, and their lackeys in the media didn't utter a word of protest; let Republicans do that, and those same lackeys would be screaming bloody murder about the 'incivility' and hate of the Republicans and conservatives.