Thursday, October 04, 2018

Divorce! It's Great for Your Children

Well...right up until your ex husband kills the kid.  Then it's not so funny.


Un Americano said...

Another case of She-Who-Cannot-Be-Wrong getting what she asked for...and the innocent paying the greatest cost.

Anonymous said...

17 Years is too short of a sentence for that shit... Don't matter though because you know that someone on the inside is going to split his wig.

Anonymous said...

Not sure how you imply the wife could be responsible for the death by divorcing..

Yea, divorce is bad. But, bad things happening don't mean you KILL YOUR KID over a tippy cup!I fail to see what the divorce had to do with losing frame and killing the kid. If the guy was prone to blowing up over minor stuff, it probably contributed to the divorce. Not fun to live with people like that.

Wife could be a total jerk. But, he's the one at fault. Not her.

Red Pill Wisdom said...

There went her 18-year annuity!
Now she'll have to actually work for a living, OR find a new sucker who she can get to knock her up or marry her (or both); either way, that fool will come out the loser.

DoubleD said...

Jesus dude, he was piece of shit. Will you fucking grow up?