Wednesday, October 31, 2018

One Manly RFID-Proof Wallet

Ridge Wallet.  Going to be advertising this guy more, but the wallets are sweet, manly, and secure.  Consider buying one THIS CHRISTMAS for any man who isn't a soy boy or a pussy in your household.


Joshua Stokka said...

We used to play king of the hill during recess in the winter and the hill was usually stained with blood by the end. I doubt this is allowed today.

Post Alley Crackpot said...

I am still looking for a tacti-kewl MIL-TARD™ wallet with "optional coded extras" including a curare dart launcher ...

A high-velocity titanium ceramic dart launcher would also be acceptable, of course.

Does the case resist penetration by armour piercing rounds, BTW?

Conventional RFID blocking is one thing, but stopping a 5.56x45mm tungsten armour piercing round is quite another, and we're all about blocking the Radical Fundamentalist Insurgents and Despicables in these parts.

Does it fit in a shirt pocket? Would it stop a sniper's bullet aimed at the heart?

Can I get it with concealed deployable sharp edges made of thin razor-sharp titanium ceramic?

Is there an option to fill it with petrol and to attach a fuse to it?

Does it include an add-on that allows it to spray confetti for children's parties?

Would it be possible to fit it with an insert that allows it to be used as a harmonica?

These are bits of tradecraft that they absolutely need to mention.

REAL-MEN™ always need their kit to function at 110% or beyond conventional expectations. :-)

Anonymous said...

Credit cards are only "Safe" because credit card companies refund fraudulent charges. No need for RFID-proof wallets. The waitress at the diner will just write down your numbers and info when you pay anyway...