Monday, December 02, 2019

Enjoy the Show!

This is PRECISELY what I mean by "Enjoy the Show."

I love how the family loves their politics more than their son.  It's just hilarious how little parents care about their children and how much we've been conditioned to love our politics above all else.


Maniac said...

As Apollo Creed once said, some folks have to learn the hard way.

Anonymous said...

Yep, the dad didn't lose a son, he lost a vehicle for his ego. As someone astutely said, the only reason these idiots don't want the death politicised (despite doing it themselves) is because they are fully aware that their ideology is a train wreck and they don't want to confront this hard truth.

David Jravis said...

Yep, it's Amy Biehl all over again.

A Texan said...

He was an immigrant doing a job that citizens would like to do but not allowed to. Ditto for here in the states. Some do gooder dope in CA was killed by illegal criminal immigrant.

Everyone should watch some of Stefan Molyneaux's Sunset in the Golden State. Most of the sane people have left.