Sunday, December 08, 2019

The Father Could Not Be Reached for Comment








'Reality' Doug said...

FYI, I've noticed all links to Fox News from this site are blocked. However, one can right click, copy and paste the URL into a blank browser tab or window, and voila! I don't know if their blocking is specific to this blogger subdomain, all blogger subdomains, or what.

Birdchaser said...

Access Denied is all I get.

Anonymous said...

There is a statue honoring an older brother carrying his younger brother outside Boys Town in Nebraska. When asked if his brother was heavy, he answered, "he ain't heavy, he's my brother." Kudos to the older kid.

GiantWaffle said...

I got "Access Denied", but then, since the URL for the story was in the URL Bar at the top, I tapped (click) inside the URL Bar, tapped the "GO" key (hit Enter) and it loaded the story.

So maybe try that whenever that happens and it'll work? Hopefully?