Saturday, December 28, 2019

Your Career is More Important Than Your Children

It's got everything!

Father not available for comment.
Worthless degree.
Works in the Jobs Weflare Program World for Women in "CSR"
"She was an amazing woman!!!"

Just those damn kids keep getting in the way!


Anonymous said...

This saddens me. Why should the children pay for the faults of the mother?

jay said...

"......this story highlights the invisible struggles people are facing and the devastation that can follow......."

A more empty statement has never been uttered.

BTW.....I wonder how often this happens in places with lower standards of living? They may not have as many gadgets, but I suspect they often have better mental health and less psych issues.

Anonymous said...

Criminalize single motherhood and give them to the fathers as primary care givers... for the safety of the children. Most women cannot even feed and house themselves without state subsidies.

liberranter said...

Why should the children pay for the faults of the mother?

'cause kids are accessories, dontcha know? And disposable ones at that (that's why we let mom tear them out of the womb when she decides that they're too much of an inconvenience).

Those kids got in the way of mommy doing what mommy wanted to do just by existing, so OF COURSE they needed to be liquidated.

Incidentally, the fact that this story isn't being trumpeted as headline national news like the latest school shooting would be (another way. BTW, of liquidating troublesome, inconvenient kids) seems to serve as evidence that the arbitrators of what is considered acceptable and not acceptable don't consider this story to be worthy of the "shock to the conscience" label.

Melinda Isabel Virginia Winzeler said...

re:"most women cannot even..." you know why?
At least in this country, I'm just about figuring out it's not acceptable for a woman to WANT and BE ABLE to fo so. (Switzerland)

Ask, if you want to know more! ..i'm not happy