Thursday, January 16, 2020

STEM Majors Don't Live in Tents

Let alone in winter during a rat infestation.


commoncents said...

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A Texan said...

At least the ones that have jobs. STEM is not that great of a choice these days either given corporate America's greed for 'cheap labor'. H1's and green cards being issues do not make STEM a great career choice.

heresolong said...

Did you read the single comment on the article? "I don't see why they closed it. I walked through it and didn't see any trash or homeless people." Are you delusional? That's because they cleaned it and moved everyone out!

Post Alley Crackpot said...

"STEM majors" don't have to live in tents ... or on the street, etc.

Once upon a time, I met one of the guys who worked on a piece of communications gear that has been built into every laptop and computer since the 2000s, without which you can't use the Internet these days.

His STEM background wasn't something you'd contest: you've heard of the joint where he served time doing his "major".

One day, he realised how little he was getting paid by these people, and so he made a bet with himself. He bet he could make more money grifting on the streets of A Certain Tech Hub than he was making at the Old Ball & Chain.

He looked like a shabby version of any one of a number of guilty-feeling "middle-class people", playing every bit the part of someone of their class who had somehow "failed", and so he raked in the cash with the grifting.

Combined with some wise investments over the years, he came to own an entire tower block in A Certain Tech Hub, and on the fifth storey of that building, he had his office.

No nameplate, nothing but a number, just the way he liked it.

When the literally shitty homeless people started moving in around his building, that was going to wreck his game. He sold his tower block and moved away to a small city where nobody had heard of him and nobody was asking too many questions about what he used to do in A Certain Tech Hub.

Sometimes "STEM majors" actually do live in tents, but only because they choose to live in tents.

You should have seen the guy's office.

Apparently nobody complains about the odd bit of "residential use" of a commercial tower block when you own it.

Anonymous said...

NEET: not in education employment or training.

Wagie wave get in cagie
All day long you slave and ragie
NEET is happy, NEET is cool
NEET is unburdened by work or school
Wagie is trapped and wagie dies
NEET eats tendies nugs and fries

...something to put in your next post about work

Anonymous said...

Im a STEM major and I live in my car. Furthermore, why the fuck do the United Losers of America care so fucking much about homeless people. If they be breaking no laws, why do you care, seriously?

Best regards,
A Millenial Kid

Anonymous said...

"Sometimes "STEM majors" actually do live in tents, but only because they choose to live in tents."

Right because Illegal Evictions dont happen, and rent is free. Live in a tent and save your money or pay rent and live paycheck to paycheck. Tent sounds way better. Also if you rent you have to deal with crazy landlords, bad roommates, or insane neighbors. Id choose the tent its minimalistic and stress free. Also if you have a house you're paying mortgage and property taxes. The latter of which finance public schools (i.e. you're a cuck).