Monday, January 27, 2020

The Left is on Auto-Pilot. They Will Not Think Anymore Nor Will They Stop

I want to offer an idea to the left out there.  Anybody who "votes for the little people" or is still under this delusion that the democrat party is for the blue collar working man when their entire party is led by trust funders and 1%.

What business is it of the Oregon state government to determine or regulate how many self-check out lanes grocery stores have?  I ask this question because I think your average democrat voter out there does have the intelletual ability to sit down, critically think this one out and say, "yeah, wait a minute, why does the government have to get involved in this?"  Because if you do take the time to think about it, if the government is going to get involved in managing self-check out lanes, what can it not get involved in?

Already in Oregon it's law that you cannot pump your own gas.
Minneapolis has made it that you can no longer have new drive throughs built in the city.
And I don't want to even know what anal retentive, microscopic details San Francisco has regulate just this week alone.

At some point (I would say a point long ago) government intervention, regulation, and mere dictates will get into every nook and cranny of society that society will no longer be able to function, let alone at an optimal level that an optimal (and efficient) level of law/regulation would allow for.  The tedium one will have to put up with to just open a grocery store, employ a new gas station attendant, or open a new restaurant will get to the point most productive people will be throwing in the towel. 

Yes, you will have your protected and coveted careers as "grocery store check out clerks."  Yes, you will have a life long career as a "gas station attendant."  Congratu-fucking-lations.  That Masters in Poetry is sure being put to work as the democrat party protects these highly lucrative professions.  In the meantime the rest of society is being choked out and slowed down from it's total potential because you mindlessly vote in for something that sounds good without considering how it's slows down society by getting into every nook and cranny of society.  And then at the same time instead of allowing money to be diverted towards higher end productive jobs that would pay more, you will complain about the shitty low paying ones you had the government protect.

Enjoy that freaking decline.


Mike said...

It already surprises me that, given the amount of shoplifting going on in California and Washington metro areas, convenience stores haven't simply restricted customers to a walled-in foyer area and made the cashiers do the shopping for customers behind walls.

I know that Wal-Mart is already experimenting with fully automated stores that are, in effect, gigantic vending machines, where you place your order online and simply pay at a kiosk out front, where some bags and crates are dispensed with your goods after payment. No staff, no janitors, no shoplifters, far less overhead; just a couple of robotics technicians to keep everything running and a couple more to load merchandise. Then customer service and sales labor restrictions can bite the big one.

I, for one, welcome our robot overlords. I'm fed up with our corrupt fleshy overlords as it is.

Buzzy said...

This outrageous ballot measure proposal only follows the natural progression of the stupid, corrupt & evil liberal mentality which continues to devolve, faster & faster.

If somehow these scumbags manage to get it on the ballot and approved, like Cappy says there is no stopping these people on what they’ll do next. Gee, how about giving us a law that limits 1 car per family? This will enable all those horseshoe, buggy & buggy whip manufactures to get back in business & employee people. Just think how many workers we’ll need to make all that stuff so we’ll all be able to get around. And think of the reduction of pollutants we’ll save using horse transportation (ooops, strike that, horsecrap has methane gas – but then again, think of the pooper scooper jobs we will need!)

And since when does a govt entity get to tell me how to run my (or anybody’s) business? If I am the owner & I paid for it, then only I have the sole control & dominion over it. And if I want nothing but self-checkout counters only for my store, then that’s my decision and no one else’s, especially govt’s. And if you don't like it? Tough Shit! Go shop somewhere else. It’s my store, not your’s.

This proposed ballot measure is the stuff of banana republics, not the USA I used to know. Since Oregon borders The People’s Republic and with all the Californiacs moving there for the last 30 years, is it any wonder Oregon is trying to set a new standard for liberal lunacy?

'Reality' Doug said...

Our predictions are way off. We should have seen much more collapse in infrastructure. Rush hour is still rush hour. Cars don't pay for themselves. The whole thing going on this well for this long amazes me. The Roman decline was slower than drying paint on a wall. I just don't know.

Maniac said...

I can sort of understand the logic behind it - you're basically an employee who isn't getting paid - but there's much more pertinent issues.

David Wholly said...

I'll just leave the same response here as I did on my FB page:

Alright Oregon, let me explain something to you.

Here's why self-checkout lanes are popular: because on average, stores have 6-8 checkout lines available. Up to 12 or more in the really big stores, like Walmart.

You know how many of those lanes are actually open at one time on average? TWO. That's right, TWO. Maybe three at the major outlets, maybe four on a really good day at Walmart. THAT'S why self-checkout is popular.

Sure, self-checkout has its own pitfalls at times. Sometimes the computer crashes. Sometimes you arrive during amature hour when every self-checkout is being used by people who don't have a f'n clue what they're doing and it takes them 10 minutes to scan three items. It happens.

But don't give me this crap about self-checking "taking away jobs". You obviously never had that many people apply for cashier positions to begin with. Either that, or the stores aren't hiring them. I KNOW this, because I see mostly empty lanes all the damn time.

It's bad enough that you don't let people pump their own damn gas. This is almost as bad as the knuckleheads that want to ban drive-thru's to "save the climate".

Shut the f'k up, and let people live their lives.

That is all.

Faithless Cynic said...

I used to own a rental in Delaware. My tenant quit paying rent and I filed for eviction. The tenant never showed and the lib magistrate threw my case out anyway. “ I am not satisfied that you properly served the defendant “ I guess certified mail was not good enough. To evict a deadbeat in Delaware, you must hire a lawyer to make it work. Represent yourself and the scum magistrate gets annoyed. I hired a lawyer, and six months later, I had my totally destroyed and unlivable house back. I sued the deadbeat and attached his wages when he refused to pay.

I fixed the house up and sold it. I tell people to never buy a rental in Delaware unless you are “ in “ with a lawyer. I used the money to pay off all my debts.

Recently, I read about a lack of affordable housing in Delaware. I wonder if that had anything at all to do with the difficulty in evicting deadbeats? Nah! Probably Trumps fault

Anonymous said...

I had a law professor who believed that eventually the federal government would use the commerce clause of the Constitution to usurp all power for itself and local and state governments as effectively non-entities.