Wednesday, January 15, 2020

Why Women Hate Stay at Home Moms

A couple decides to have the mom stay home and raise the kids.

They then receive guff from "friends" and "family" but especially women.

Cappy and DT just shake their heads.


Anonymous said...

Because the SAHM's are a perpetual reminder that said career shrieks are abject failures love/marriage/baby carriage. And if said career shrieks are single mom's, they're rightfully treated like the fucking scourge that they are.

Anonymous said...

When the kids were younger, we would take walks in the city at times to check out the markets and parks. A nuclear family enjoying the day so to speak.

At times I would notice the facial expressions of people as we walked along when they looked our way. The men would check out my slender, attractive wife (which I understand) and then the kids, and smile. Old people would check out the kids and barely notice us. Younger women who were walking along with a boyfriend, would look at my wife and then the kids-- you could see in their eyes what they pined for. What shocked me were some contempious looks thrown my wife's way by some women her own age. Sometimes an old boomer feminist type, but mostly single women with etched scowls. I didn't understand why.

I asked my wife once did she noticed the daggers thrown her way and she said, "occassionally, but I ignore them. I actually feel sorry for them in some ways."

I thought about it, but never brought it up again. Perhaps she is the living example that they were lied too and now personnaly suffer for it. A whole life of hussling to that job and paying those taxes is what they are doing and will be doing that for decades. Alone.

Anonymous said...

I wish I could have kids to be a stay at home mum. Women who have that option have no idea how blessed they are. I want to shake some sense into them!

Red Pill Wisdom said...

If it's something that 'career gals' and feminists hate (because of envy), it's some other woman having something (husband/children/family) that they either threw away or delayed/put off too long and now can't have.
And because they can't have it, they do their worst to ruin and destroy every successful and happy marriage that they find.
A woman's worst enemy is another woman who envies her.

Un Americano said...

They should simply tell them, "Fuck off."