Sunday, April 12, 2020


"Coromance - When a girl you've developed an online relationship thru skype or zoom during the pandemic flakes and ghosts on you when it comes time for your first real-world date."

Though we discuss it at a bit more length in this podcast, I thought it would be good to make a short note to all you boys out there developing "coromances" through Skype or Zoom.

Do understand that when the "all clear is given" that VAST majority of these women will refuse to meet you in real life.  Oh they may agree to a date.  Oh, they may agree to a time.  But they will flake on you at the last minute. 

Please have the experience and self-respect to expect this to happen in the future.  Do not get your hopes up that you will meet in meatspace and go on to have a long last and fruitful relationship.  You are being used for attention because they are bored.

You may now continue on with your regularly scheduled quarantining.

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Unknown said...

Hi Aaron,

I enjoy as much as the next guy when strong independent fish, bicycle... single mothers meet reality.

Check this out.

‘It is a living nightmare’: Hundreds of thousands of single mothers at risk of not being able to feed children or pushed onto streets.

...The mother-of-four, who is a single parent, said there was no bread, pasta, meat or cereal in her local store and she was anxious about how she would manage to feed her children if the coronavirus crisis means supermarket shelves are empty.

Tucanae Services said...

Any relationship that is based on 'It has to happen by next Tuesday....' is doomed to failure. That is a bucket list decision, not a deep rooted development between two people.