Friday, April 17, 2020

"The Only Thing They Have in Life is Their Politics"

This is an excerpt from the book "How Not to Become a Millennial."  It focuses on how - absent careers, economic success, family, or genuine accomplishments in life - many Millennials only have their politics to give them point, purpose, and meaning.  This phenomenon is then termed the "Millennial Political Religion" where things such as feminism, environmentalism, veganism, pacifism, and regular ole socialism become substitutes for traditional religion or other spiritual things that gave one purpose and agency in life.

The conclusion is not good because without anything else to live for in life, these Millennials (and other people who only have politics as a value in life) force their politics on the rest of society because (in short) to create something of value takes effort, sacrifice, toil and rigor, and it's much easier to lord, crusade and virtue signal your politics over society.

You can find the book, and much more interesting philosophical/political observations here.

"Politics is the Last Refuge of Scoundrels

With nothing left to live for, all one has left is their beliefs. And this is the interesting situation/paradox that at least a plurality of Millennials find themselves in today. It’s interesting because in technicality the solution would be to return to school, but this time for an employable degree or trade. But one can completely forgive the Millennials for being a little reluctant to go to college yet again.

Yes, we know the 13 YEARS of K-12 education we forced you to take didn’t teach you any employable skills. And yes, we know that the additional 4 years of college we more-or-less forced you to take also taught you no skills AND put you into crippling levels of debt. BUT TRUST US THIS TIME! If you go back to school JUST ONE MORE TIME and get a degree in STEM, THEN you’ll get everything we promised you since the Clinton Administration!”

So even though returning to school for a legitimate degree is the correct course of action, as far as the Millennials are/were concerned there was no hope. There was nothing left to do. All hope was lost. So all they had left was the political beliefs their teachers and professors told them to have.

Unfortunately, beliefs (especially political ones) have no value and serve no purpose. They don’t put food on the table. They don’t pay the bills. They don’t prompt you to return to school and study something worthwhile. And they make you powerless to solve your own problems because they take the responsibility to do so out of your hands and outsource it to a “god,” a “government,” an “ideology,” or just plain “luck.”

Worse, the particular political belief system Millennials were programmed with has an “auto-immune” type of virus in it that prevents them from acknowledging their past mistakes and salvaging what they can of their future. Core to this is victimhood politics which is prevalent throughout most left-flavored political ideologies. So if you’re a victim and everything is out of your control and you are completely helpless to stop it, then…

It’s not your fault you majored in “Translesbian Greek Sculpture Diversity Studies.”
It’s not
your fault you spent $200,000 attending an overpriced liberal arts college.
It’s not
your fault you didn’t learn to code or do well at math.
It’s not
your fault you spent your student loans on an expensive flat.
it’s not
your fault you had 4 illegitimate children.

It’s the (fill in the blank)_________________.

  1. White people’s fault
  2. Male’s/patriarchy’s fault
  3. My parents’ fault
  4. The Corporation’s
  5. CIS Gendered people’s fault
  6. Republican’s fault
  7. Reagan, Bush, GW, Trump’s fault
  8. Christian’s fault
  9. Capitalist’s fault
  10. The Jew’s fault
  11. The Russians
  12. Aliens
  13. Roving Bands of Monkeys Named “Steve’s” fault
  14. Whoever your professor and teachers told you it was fault

Criticisms of leftist politics aside, this is the real damage being caused by the victimhood/AIDS like aspect of Millennial politics. The Millennial political religion is programmed completely and entirely around protecting their ego, abdicating them of responsibility, and protecting their feelings, thus making them immune to any constructive criticism. This in turn prevents them from ever identifying their problems, solving them, turning their lives around, and actually attaining success and happiness in what remains of their life. Thus, while their Millennial politics are indeed sweet-tasting lies, these lies damn them to a life of failure, financial strife, and misery.

About the only thing worse is the consequential mental pain Millennials suffer as the sweet tasting lies of their political religions never translate to success in the real world. In their minds and according to their religious ideology, it can’t possibly be them. The problem cannot possibly lay with them. It has to be other people. And as the years pass by, with death rapidly approaching, they will become more and more desperate to achieve success as long as it does not violate their religion or place blame on them.

Some might double down and get Master’s degrees in the same worthless field (as it wasn’t the type of degree. It was that they didn’t have enough education). Some will try MLM or other get-rich-quick schemes. Some will wander in the desert of part time, non-profit work, teaching English overseas, perhaps volunteering all in the hopes of *finally* landing that law firm job they went $300k into debt for. Some will join dog rescue shelters or some other form or agency substitution. And some will white-collar-panhandle as they set up “Go Fund Me” accounts to pursue whatever bogus charity-career they create. Long as they don’t have to work, math, STEM, code, or toil. And certainly as long as they don’t have to admit they were wrong.

None of this will work since it is not based in reality, and the process will repeat itself again. Just this time with less sand in the hour glass and increasingly desperate (and doomed-to-fail) options on the table. Alas, most Millennials will die thinking they were a victim, they were oppressed, and it was never in their power to do anything about it. Many will waste billions in calories of energy hating and seething against other groups of people, ideologies, or other scapegoats they erroneously hold accountable for their mistakes. In short they will lead angry, hate-filled, jealous, unsuccessful, and ultimately confused lives. Again, I cannot think of a more tortured, miserable life.

A Generation of Ugly People

But we are not done yet tallying the pain your average Millennial has suffered or will suffer in the future. Because while the Millennial political religion has handicapped them in their professional life, like all religions it influences everything in their lives. And by “influences” I mean “completely ruins.” And by “everything,” I do mean “everything.”

Take for example physical beauty.

Today beauty is verboten by modern Millennial politics. Beauty is a social construct. It really doesn’t exist. Matter of fact, “big is beautiful,” “everyone is beautiful,” and “beauty is on the inside.” And if you disagree, or dare to hold onto those outdated traditional beauty standards, then you’re a sexist, a bigot, and you should be fired from your job. Alas, your average Millennial today gets to look at a never-ending line of morbidly obese women, Soy Boys, effeminate men, boorish women, man buns, and nose-pierced diabetes candidates. They get to look at women wearing baggy cargo pants and men with incredibly dainty and well-manicured fingers. Women who belch and can’t wait to prove how masculine they are. And men who spend more time coiffing their hair than at the gym. The sexes are an affront to the human eye that neither inspires a man to break out in song nor a woman to blush. But it does induce all of us to vomit.

Now consider the long term costs and consequences of living in a physically ugly generation. Why bother? Why get out of bed in the morning? Arguably the most important and fun thing in life is ruined! Men have no incentive to hit the gym, work hard, or become a provider because why would you want to have sex with a loud, tatted-up, obese, masculine woman? And women have no reason to stay thin, eat right, dress feminine, or be sweet because why would you want to attract some neck-bearded NEET who’s living at home with his parents? Beauty is the fuel that powers the human race as it invokes sex which inevitably prompts family formation. But without it Millennials have decayed into an amorphous, androgynous, obese, nose-pierced, tattoo-laden, physically-uninspiring generation. Thanks to their political religion, the one thing that inspired humanity in the past to sing, dance, create, innovate, build, love, and bring forth everything that was ultimately good in life has now been degraded to ”meh.” And Millennials get to sleep in this boring, tapioca bed.

Politics > Love

Also along the lines of beauty – dating, or more specifically, love. Having a physically ugly dating pool is doing nobody in the Millennial generation any favors. But do you have to make it overly-complicated with politics too?

Apparently so, because that’s what the Millennial political ideology demands of its followers.
Just like being “Lutheran” or “Catholic,” “Muslim” or “Jewish” was a vital pre-requisite to dating in the past, having the correct politics is just as vital (and stupid) today. Most Millennial women will simply not date anybody who is not a leftist. If you are not a feminist, if you liked Ronald Reagan, if you don’t believe in X, or you’re foolish enough to believe in Y, well, then you are a close-minded bigot, a sexist, a misogynist, and no woman will want to have anything to do with you.

But there is a drawback. This forces everybody to date based on politics and not whether you actually like the damn person. It puts your politics ahead of the individual. When in reality it is actually possible to meet somebody who does not share your politics and….(GASP) they’re still perfectly fine to date! This irrationality shows just how fervent Millennials are about their political religion. How little else matters to them. How little else they have in life when politics is the only thing that matters even if there’s a person they’re viscerally, sexually, and chemically attracted to standing right in front of them. It’s more indicative of a cult than it is any kind of noble, intelligent ideology. And sadly, this means millions of genuinely happy love lives that could have been never were because some rat bastards dared vote Romney in 2008.

They’re Even Coming for Our Fun

And finally fun. Specifically, 1980’s movies.

You Millennials may not believe this, but there was a time in American history where movies were made to be…entertaining. I know this may shock you as now nearly all forms of movies and entertainment have to be political. But there was a time, way back in the olden days that movies were just made to be fun.

Back to the Future
Die Hard
Ghost Busters
Top Gun
The Goonies
The Princess Bride
Planes, Trains, and Automobiles
Midnight Run
Ferris Bueller’s Day Off
Caddy Shack
Raiders of the Lost Ark
The Blues Brothers
Weekend at Bernies
Dirty Rotten Scoundrels

All of them, and more, were originally made to
entertain the audience and make them happy. They weren’t there to lecture. They weren’t there to sermonize. People already had a hard enough week at work that they didn’t need to be proselytized about “the wage gap” or “racism.” The real world sucked enough that people made havens where they could escape to, and the movies were one of them.

Not anymore. Not, at least, according to the dictates of the new Millennial religion. Because now everything

every movie
every show
every online streaming special
every comic book
every cartoon
every book
every song
every painting
every sculpture

absolutely everything has to have politics in it because, once again, that’s all the Millennials have. That’s all they have to celebrate. That’s all they have to cherish.

So now the lead role must be a feminist. The supporting actor better be a Latino, not an actual good actor. We better change the sex/race of the love interest because we don’t have enough of that sex/race combination. Are there enough gay/lesbian characters even if the plot doesn’t call for it? And let’s make sure to throw in a moral or political sermon that the audience never asked for. Alas, even Millennials’ recreation and entertainment, their actual fun in life has been ruined with their politics.

Leave No Stone Unturned

We can go on. There is no rock unturned in the life of a Millennial that is not influenced, tainted, and ultimately ruined by politics:

When you go shopping you have Target using obese models to promote obesity.
When you want a razor you have Gillette reminding you masculinity is toxic.
When you want a cup of coffee you have Starbucks “wanting to have a conversation about race.”
You can’t let your kid eat McDonald’s because you’re vegan and your political religion is more important than your child’s childhood.
You can’t just major in Engineering. You need to take all these BS diversity classes.
You can’t go to work without being forced to take “sensitivity” training.
You can’t be a stay at home parent because your career is the most important thing in life.
You can’t just be depressed or have a bad day, you have a mental illness and need drugs.
You can’t ask out a girl to a war flick because she might be a pacifist.
You can’t have Speedy Gonzales because it might offend some Latino.
You can’t just be a boring ole straight person, choose from one of these popular 48 genders.
Matter of fact, you can’t be yourself at all without first viewing yourself through the lens of race, gender, and sex as commanded by your religion.
You can’t even have passionate, rip-your-clothes-off sex without signing a god damn consent form.

Everything in Millennials’ lives,


has been ruined by the politics they were programmed to have.

Therefore, put yourself in the mind of a Millennial one last time. With your past wasted, your future destroyed, and no fun allowed, the only thing you’re allowed to have is whatever good things exist in the present. Unfortunately, the whole point of Millennial’s political religion is - in a very “Harrison Bergeron” like way - to lower standards so low that nobody feels bad about themselves, nor sees themselves for the failures they are. Consequently, also in a very Harrison Bergeron like way, this means Millennials can’t enjoy anything good, beautiful, or excellent in their lives.

No success, no achievement, no accomplishment, no victory.
No hot spouse, no beautiful children, no successful career, no financial success, nothing superior to what others might have.
No happiness, no serenity, no peace, no calm.
Nothing beautiful, fun, enjoyable, or even forbidden.

Anything and everything is at minimum lessened, if not outright dictated, directed, measured, allowed, and judged by their cultish Orwellian political religion. And with this political religion at the core of Millennials’ beliefs, they are doomed to a life of failure, pain, misery, confusion, taxes, debt, slavery, frustration, and worst of all, mediocrity. All with salt added to this wound in the form of madness as they waste their lives failing to figure out why their lives suck so much.

You may find what the Nazis did to their human experiments evil and horrific, and you absolutely should. But at least they had the good graces to inevitably kill most of their test subjects, ending their misery. The same cannot be said for the social scientists who seemingly were perfectly fine with torturing an entire generation forever just to advance some pet theories.

Do not mock the Millennials. Pity them.


Tony Trucano said...

Millennials don't need to give up their hobbies like anime drawing or short story writing. They just need to realize they aren't going to earn a living off it.
It reminds of an anime I was watching. The art style was unique so I wanted to do some research into it. The artist, Junji Ito, was trained as a dental tech. He simply did manga as a hobby and submitted some of his work. The market liked him and now he is relatively famous.

Anonymous said...

“ may not believe this, but there was a time where movies were made to be…entertaining.”

Why Aaron, how can this possibly be? No way Jose’, this just can’t be so, because the time period you speak of here was ruled by – I’m going to plug my ears when I say this – the “BABY BOOMERS”! You see, this just has to be a mistake.

Naturally I’m assuming you’re referring to the movie era of the 1970’s, 1980’s, & 1990’s. And that just coincides with the same period during which the Internet, electronics technology, medicine, science discoveries, manufacturing productivity, video games, automotive improvement, space flight & the development of cable TV, to name just a few, made such major advances and increased the human condition more that practically any other period in the history of the world.

And so as we all know, those worse than scum g.d. boomers couldn’t possibly have been anywhere close to being responsible for those great leaps in human progress, now could they? Hmm…

signed: a confused puppy dog