Monday, April 13, 2020

Your Race Has No Value

This is an excerpt from the book "How Not to Become a Millennial."

"Whatever has been said about gender can be equally said of race because it’s the exact same racket and the exact same philosophy.  Only the trait is different.  Just as there are many women who use their gender to claim victimhood status, there are many people who use their race to do the same.  And just as there are many women who falsely derive value from their gender, there are many people who falsely derive value from their race.  This is understandable because both women and minorities are heavily lobbied by various political interests to view themselves as victims, as well as place intrinsic value in their gender/race.  But since neither of these strategies/choices are based in reality, they by definition violate The Reality Principle, and are thus doomed to fail.

But more importantly, since these strategies/choices are identical, the results are going to be the exact same as women who try to leverage favor out of society using their gender.  Misery, failure, anger, and a wasted life.  But whereas the female version of this translates into “age, poverty, divorce, debt, spinsterdom, and cats,” the consequences for people who pull of the same racket with race are just as dire, though with their own cultural flair.

Take for example education.

Just as Women’s Studies is a bogus field solely created to pander to women whose only value is their gender, various “Cultural Studies” degrees are created to pander to race just the same. 

“African-American Studies”
“Chicano-American Studies”
“Middle Eastern Studies”
“Asian American Studies,”

All of these fields are just as bogus and just as worthless. 

However, there is an added “Uncle Tom” sort of hypocrisy to these degrees.  Most of these degrees presumably are intended to be of benefit and help to the various types of races they study.  Chicano American studies programs would logically be of benefit to Latinos and Chicanos.  Asian American studies should do the same, but for Asians.  And African American studies should do the same for blacks.

But do they really?

Like a Women’s Studies degree these degrees only harm those who major in them.  They have absolutely no economic or employment value.  They actually deter people from hiring you in that you are more prone to file a lawsuit or complain.  And like any other degree they will at least set you back $75,000 and four years of your youth.  But the real betrayal comes from the people who sold you these degrees.  The professors themselves who are presumably of your same race and by the definition of the degree should have your best interests at heart.  In reality these professors are just hucksters selling you a worthless piece of paper for that $75,000 + four years of your life.  If any “African American Studies” or “Latino American Studies” professor was honest they would warn you never to get a degree in such worthless fields and instead major in Accounting or Actuarial Science.  Perhaps studying these fields for free at your local library or online.  But they would never recommend you blow $75,000 on such crap.  Still, these professors value their own financial advancement over your best interests and, thusly, have no problem capitalizing off of your delusion that race has value.

Another example is race being used by Corporate America as a brand name.

An amazing amount of infrastructure has gone into programming Millennials with their political religion.  But within that overarching political religion there are sub-religions tailored to individual groups.  Women have their feminism and women’s empowerment.  Environmentalists have their environmentalism.  Health nuts have their organic and fair trade foods.  And races have their racial justice/political causes.  And if you think about it the schools, colleges, government, and certainly the democrat party have spent trillions over the decades making sure you have these political ideologies, even identities. 

But don’t think Corporate America hasn’t noticed.

Just as the federal government spent trillions building the US interstate system, we have also spent trillions establishing a quasi-national political religion of socialism, feminism, pacifism, environmentalism, social justice, organic/free trade, etc.  And just as corporations take advantage of the US interstate system to transport and sell their goods, they are also taking advantage of that political infrastructure the Millennials have been programmed with.  And so instead of selling you on the merits of a product like its price or its quality, Corporate America instead panders to the identity politics/religion you’ve been programmed to have because it gives you false value.

Thus, when you sell a woman’s razor, you don’t just sell a razor.  You explain how it’s going to cure women’s cancer and attach a pink ribbon to it…and charge an extra $3 over the men’s razor.

When you sell a cup of coffee, you don’t just give people their morning cup of Joe.  You write “let’s have a conversation about race” on it like Starbucks did to show you how “woke” and “down with the cause” the multi-billion dollar company is.

Target doesn’t give one flying shit about fat women. But they do care about the billions of dollars they have in their pockets.  Thus why you see nothing but plus-size models in their advertisements.

And Nike is “totally down with the struggle” as it has hired Colin Kapernick to be its new spokesmodel for their Air Force 1 shoes.  Showing minority young men they understand you.  They’re with you….just as long as you spend the $155.99 to buy their shoes.

This disgusting level of corporate virtue signaling should not only annoy everybody, but it should downright piss off minorities for its blatant pandering.  Taking issues, that are of no light matter, and issues you may care deeply about, and trivially capitalizing off of them for profit is an insult.  And when you take a look at what corporations are really trying to do via their sanctimonious virtue signaling, it’s nothing but simple marketing.  They don’t care about your cause.  They care about the money you will spend if they say they’re down with your cause.  Like your “Asian American Studies” professors, they will tell you whatever you want to hear, just as long as you give them your money.

Unfortunately, this marketing works.  Women fork over all their money to become “strong, independent, empowered, bankrupt, women” in college.  Snobby, elitist, upper income liberals pay $7 per cup of organic coffee so they can imagine they’re helping “the poor brown people” overseas and aren’t racist.  Rich white dudes buy Teslas thinking they’re saving the environment and it will consequently get them laid.  Obese people shop at Target thinking they’re promoting diabetes “body positivity.”  And young minority men must have thought they were really sticking it to the man, because the Kapernick Air Force 1’s sold out in just one day…netting Nike aka “The Man” at least a cool $1 billion in sales.  Imagine if all that money went to STEM degrees instead.

And then there is the psychological toll that obsessing about race takes.

Larry Gossett is an individual I like to highlight because so much can be learned from this man.  He is black, a current city council member of Seattle, and former member of the Seattle chapter of the Black Panthers.  And while he has a long and lengthy career in civil rights, he is most famous for claiming that spraying Seattle sidewalks free of human feces could be racist as it would remind elderly black people of when they were sprayed with firehoses in the 60’s and 70’s protests.

This man is 74 years old.  He has at most another 10 years left in him.  And his entire life has been nothing but obsessing and fretting about race.  So much so he has lost all connection with reality and now sees race and racism in everything.  And in having race infect and infest everything in his life, he has in fact ruined his life.

When he wakes up in the morning it is guaranteed he wonders if adding cream to his coffee doesn’t have some racial undertones of white men mixing races with black women.

When talking about the physics of “black holes” he probably actually thinks there’s an element of racism in the vernacular. 

The word “niggardly” perhaps angers him greatly even though it has nothing to do with race.

And one truly wonders while his kids were opening Christmas gifts or he was having a romantic dinner with his wife if he let his obsession with race take away from those precious experiences with drifting thoughts of racism.

This isn’t to say that you should tolerate genuine racism or true injustice.  Nor is it to say you shouldn’t work towards the ideal of a racism-free world.  But in putting your race first and foremost in life, you will ruin your life in the process.  All one has to do is look at your average Women’s Studies professor or your committed Baby Boomer feminist.  Do any of them look happy?  Do you not see the anger in all of their faces?  Do you not see how obsessing over their gender made their life not only miserable, but pointless?  When Mr. Gossett dies he will have suffered the same fate.  A life where he let “whitey” live rent free in his brain for 75 years.  No matter how much your teachers and professors pressure you, do not put the trait of race at the core of your being.  At least have the self-respect and wisdom to avoid the fate of Mr. Gossett.

We could go on with other examples, but the larger point is this - just like gender, there are corporate, political, and educational interests that want your money, your vote, and your tuition dollars.  And they will gladly lie to you based on your race to get those things, even if it destroys your life.  Big Education will gladly sell you $200,000 in debt for a master’s degree in a field that has no value.  Corporations will placate you and tell you whatever you want to hear about how oppressed you are and that they’re so pro-diversity it hurts…as long as you spend the $29.95 on their “Diversity Awareness Special Edition Blender.”  And the democrat party has absolutely no problems enslaving entire races of Americans through victimhood politics, keeping them dead last in society, as long as you give them your vote in exchange for them to tell you “it’s somebody else’s fault.”

Therefore, young people of any race need to ask the same two questions women needed to ask themselves.  One philosophical, the other practical.

Philosophically, does your race have any intrinsic value?  Does the color of your skin mean anything?  Additionally, does your race determine your destination?  Are you pigeonholed in life because of the color of your parents?  Or would you like to be judged by the caliber of your character and your abilities?  Would you like your actions, not your traits, to determine your success and destination in life?

And practically, where has pursuing race either as a value or a racket gotten people in the past?  Unless you’re a professional huckster like Jesse Jackson or a rich politician like Barack Obama, your rank and file minority individual cannot make a living at “race.”  You’re much better off becoming an engineer, a doctor, or an accountant.  And even if you were to have a modicum of success making a profession in “race,” it’s likely to consume you like Mr. Gossett, ruining your life in the process.

Life’s too short to piss it away on obsessing about your plumbing or your melanin levels.  It’s too short to utter the words “as a Native-American female I just feel that…” Do not let your race, your gender, or any other trait limit your life.  View yourself as an individual."

Check out the book below!


Quartermain said...

Another problem with the idiot studies programs is, rather than say life is hard because that is the nature of life, they teach that life is hard because they are black, chicano, gay, or a woman.

Anonymous said...

>Philosophically, does your race have any intrinsic value?

Depends on the philosophy. For example, in a Darwinist view of the world, racial differences could mean quite a bit.

>Does the color of your skin mean anything?

It definitely means something to our instincts. Humans consistently show that they prefer to be around, and cooperate with, individuals of genetic proximity. This is objective fact and is proven over and over again.
>Additionally, does your race determine your destination?

Given the differences in IQ between the races, yes race does tend to affect an individual's life destination quite heavily; especially in societies of high tech and high civilizational order. The IQ difference between the average Somali native and the average Singapore native is nearly a full 50 IQ points, if this doesn't display a massive difference of potential between two races, I don't know what will.

Anonymous said...

>race doesn't matter

That's cute, bluepilled Cappy. Tell us more about your totally-not-brainwashed-into-you opinions, oh wise gen-X-er.