Thursday, April 02, 2020

How Men, and Only Men, Can End Poverty in a Generation

I will be as clear and blunt as I possibly can so there is no confusion.

I have found a way to end poverty.

And not in some convoluted, complex way that involves a ton of government money, agencies, and socialism.  Nor in some pie-in-the-sky social worker/liberal arts major way that relies on foolish and childish idealism.

No, I have found an easy, affordable, even unstoppable way to end the majority of poverty, and in a generation no less.  It just relies on the responsibility of men.

The way this idea can stop poverty is because in a very 300-like manner it targets poverty at a choke point.  It puts an end to it before it can happen.  And therefore since the poverty never occurs, we can spend a fraction of the time and money preventing poverty from happening, instead of addressing it (in a much more costly manner) when it does.  We just need to target and prevent the number one cause of poverty and prevent it from happening, and that number one cause is unaffordable and unwanted children.

Though politically unpopular, the fact still remains that children (specifically unaffordable/bastard/non-nuclear family/unwanted ones) are the number one cause of poverty.  They directly increase the denominator in all measures of wealth by increasing the "capita" in all per capita measures.  They cost $250,000 to raise (whether it's you or the taxpayer footing the bill).  But the real cause of poverty is that it diverts a ton of time and effort on the part of the unprepared parents, who now have to rear children they can't afford instead of invest in themselves professionally and educationally to the point they would have otherwise been able to raise children outside of poverty.  This not only condemns children to (and is the cause of most) poverty, but is what keeps entire families poor - unaffordable children.  And no matter how politically incorrect it is to point out this harsh truth, it's infinitely more humane than bringing millions of unwanted/unaffordable children up in poverty and broken homes.

Now I have no delusions of society, the government, or the general population growing a spine, becoming adult, and having these come to Jesus talks about the real and underlying causes of poverty.  Too many government workers, politicians, social workers, and employees within the welfare state depend on impoverished children and their families for a living.  The Democrat party alone needs broken homes, poverty, and unwanted/unaffordable children in order to stay in power and survive.  And lets be perfectly honest, some truly vile and selfish women have no problems bringing children into broken, impoverished homes for attention, revenge, child-hostage-love, and a government check.  Many, if not the majority of the population are too vested in childhood poverty and poverty in general to give it up.  They profit off of it too much.

But here is where the brilliance of this idea comes in.

Because whereas in a democracy we have more or less made it clear through our voting that we prefer to make it a right to bring children into this world - even at the expense of the taxpayer - whether we can afford it or not, it is also because we're a democracy that certain rights are enshrined to the individual.  And just as gun lovers covet their precious 2nd amendment right to own guns, so too and to equal measure do women/feminists covet their reproductive rights.  It is their body, their choice.  Women are the final arbiters of whether or not a zygote makes it past the finish line.  And it is women who determine whether a child is born into this world (no matter how much cost it may saddle the taxpayers with). 

But just as much as women love their reproductive rights, by law and principles men too should have the same rights.  And though a male pill is still yet to be developed, there is one reproductive right men have that women don't - vasectomies.  And the vasectomy is the ultimate trump card in this poker game of reproductive rights.

As mentioned before, vasectomies are the 300 Greeks at Thermopylae because it prevents poverty in the form of unwanted/unaffordable children from even happening.  Sperm never reaches the egg, thus a zygote is never formed, thus rendering a woman's right to determine whether she aborts the baby or births it moot.  There is no child.

This not only stops poverty dead in its tracks, but bypasses all the pain, agony, costs, and mental anguish men and women go through when it comes to unwanted pregnancies, custody battles, abort/bring to term, etc.  There are no dead beat dads, baby mama's, baby daddy's, and lets not forget the trillions of dollars taxpayers would save not only in direct costs, but lower crime, educational costs, and government baby sitting cost as well.  And whereas a lifetime of child support can easily run into the 100's of thousands, a vasectomy on the cheap can cost around $500.  $3,000 if you want to be real spendy.  Men will rarely find an investment with a higher rate of return.

The trick, though, is how do you get all men to get a vasectomy?  And the answer is simple - we just take a lesson from the feminists, democrats, leftists, and activists who support reproductive rights.  You start a "raising awareness campaign."

Just as (in general) the political left has spent billions over the years "educating" and "raising awareness" for women about their reproductive rights, a similar measure should go into educating men about "vasectomies."  I would also argue (just as the left does) that there should be taxpayer money available to pay for men's vasectomies since the left clamors for the same treatment of women and abortions/birth control.  You put up enough billboard advertisements, run enough ads on Facebook, and make it a mandatory part of K-12 sex ed, and we can prevent poverty from ever happening, by stopping it at its source - the sperm.  And just like a vaccine for measles or Tetanus is standard, so too would be vasectomies for men. 

But before you start jumping down my throat, claiming forcing men to have vasectomies is tyrannical, you are missing the main selling point of this idea.  Nobody is claiming all young men would be forced to have vasectomies.  The benefits of having a vasectomy are so huge, if properly educated and informed, nearly every man would voluntarily be getting one.  It really is the "raising awareness" aspect that stands between us today and a poverty-free world tomorrow.  But also since "reproductive rights" are so holy and sacrosanct among women, there's not a damn thing in the world the government, leftists, feminists, or social workers can do to stop men from getting vasectomies (and thus taking away these varied leftists' fiefdoms).  It is the free will, the free choice men have to get a vasectomy without the permission of the government, the state, feminists or anybody else that makes this idea so effective and feasible.  It is 100% in men's control to not only shore up and protect their finances by inoculating them against unwanted children and "oops" pregnancies, but by consequence stopping poverty dead in its tracks.

The only real problem is the incredible ignorance that is out there when it comes to men getting vasectomies.  I've had many readers think I had my balls cut off when I said I had a vasectomy.  Men also think there's no way to have children ever again when you can have sperm directly extracted, a vasectomy reversed, or just store some sperm at a sperm bank (all of which are infinitely cheaper than an unwanted child).  I've even been accused of promoting eugenics in "preventing the black man from breeding," when it's quite the opposite - preventing you from breeding NOW so you don't destroy your life, so that at a later point in time you can have a child THEN when it won't damn you to a lifetime of crippling poverty.  But whatever misunderstandings the general male population has of vasectomies today, with the proper education, information, or simply sharing this idea with fellow men, it is in men's best personal financial interests to prevent unwanted pregnancies, which in turn is also in society's best interests in eliminating poverty.

Naturally, there will be howls and screams from people vested in the poverty of others as see their fiefdoms threatened by a generation of men getting vasectomies.  Women who looked to spermjacking or baby daddies as a means to make a living, are going to be very upset and frustrated. I am very curious to see how feminists would react when men demand equal "choice" and reproductive rights as they've championed for women.  And mark my words, no doubt about it.  Various political forces will enact laws to prevent men to get vasectomies on a scale I'm imagining.

But these political forces aside, it's moot.  Men today have the right to get a vasectomy.  It's of incredible benefit to men as it's in their direct personal financial interests.  It's in the benefit of future, theoretical would-be children as they would be raised in stable homes, and not poverty.  And it would achieve something humanity and economists have failed to achieve these past 2 million years - end poverty.  It's so compelling I may go full leftist and start a non-profit to help "raise awareness" about the benefits of vasectomies, even raise funds to help out particularly poor men to make sure they don't have kids they can't afford.  But regardless of how we achieve this, the larger point is it's in men's hands and men's hands only.  Feminists, women, democrats, the government, socialists, have all failed to end childhood poverty, because, truthfully, they don't want to end it.  They profit off of it.  We now have the ability to end it in a single generation.  I sincerely hope you research and investigate getting a vasectomy.

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sassed1 2many said...

Females will just leave the country on their dream vacation funded by student loan money to get some other dudes seed.

But at least the small intelligent portion of the species can go extinct with dignity

Anonymous said...

Sorry Aaron, but this is a pretty flawed argument for a whooooole lot of reasons.

But to just choose the two most glaringly obvious:

1. Do you *really* think that the young men that make up the sprawling underclass that currently infests welfare agencies and the courts will take you up on your grand plan? Are a million DeShawns going to line up to be neutered ahead of a million Daves? Yeah, didn't think so. Won't happen.

2. But let's say that millions of Daves *do* line up for their vasectomies. OK. Now potential reversals or sperm donations or whatever notwithstanding, there will be far fewer productive, taxpaying children born to productive, taxpaying parents. Within a generation the population ages itself out of existence. Birthrate < deathrate. This is happening in Japan *right now* - the average age in Japan is currently 47.3 years (cf the average age in Nigeria: 18.1. Be afraid.) End result: fewer productive members of society trying to pay enough tax to meet the welfare cheques of the children of a million DeShawns plus their ageing parents and their ageing childless uncles and aunts. Good luck with that.

No Aaron, unfortunately your country is fucked. Your vasectomy idea won't work, and I fear no other plan will either. The decline is unstoppable at this point.

For clarity:

1. I'm a highly productive STEM educated middle aged white male with two STEM graduate children.
2. I've had a vasectomy. Best thing I ever did actually, it came in very handy indeed after my wife frivorced me in my mid 40's. I very strongly recommend any man in my position do it, and do it now.
3. I don't live in the USA.

Keep at it mate, I'm on your side.

Tucanae Services said...


The bitches will find a sperm donor by hook or crook. Women are not fixed actors. So they fly to europe or australia and get knocked up. 9 months later you got another welfare check recipient. Nor does it clear the problem of anchor babies as an industry.

Nice try tho'.

Albert said...

I doubt raising awareness would do all that much good, to be honest. But it might be worthwhile to pay people - both men and women - a modest sum to get sterilized.

(Both because even if you sterilize 99% of men, that 1% remaining can father a lot of babies.)

If this means that some people do so in order to support an addiction, doesn't that mean that they've already self-selected as bad parents anyway?

Demet said...

Don't be ridicilous! In most parts of the world, it is the MEN who want children. Many children. That means BOYS, to show off their malehood and, of course, for spreading their (stupid) religion. Wanting ONE child (or maybe 2 children) is natural for most women. Not more. Not many. Not 10. You are right of course, that overpopulation IS a MALE problem. And only a male problem. Therefor I absolutely agree with your solution. Worldwide. Not only in Europe or the western countries. Also: Many women want babies for "loves sake", meaning, they want somebody to love and be loved back. (Yes, maybe egoistically) In all western countries all the men and governments complain, that women don't have enough children. So, now WHAT? If all the western men follow your advice, in only one generation the white race will be obsolet. Is it that which you want? For NEVER, I mean NEVER, muslim or african men will follow your advice. For them, making sons has something to do with their potency. (millions of girls get aborted) Overpopulation is a male problem in all the poor countries. The richer a society (or family), the less children they have.

Red Pill Wisdom said...

I didn't need a vasectomy, I was one of the 80%.
The girls and women I knew when I was young up used their social power (white knights, social shaming, nuclear rejection, etc.) to mentally screw me up so to make sure that I NEVER wanted to father children with them. It was rough growing up but looking in the rearview mirror now, it was the luckiest thing that ever happened to me.
The amusing thing is that I sometimes meet some of those same women that I knew when I was young, and they act so surprised (and saddened **LOL**) when they find out that I never married nor fathered any children -- AND that I'm VERY happy about it.
No descendants from me -- no male descendants/future taxpayers to burden or rob, to blame for all the world's evils, or to suffer when the US House of Cards comes crashing down and the piper demands to be paid.

"...Dying's easy, it's living that's hard!" It MAY be a line from a movie, but it's not any less true!

Anonymous said...

How about planned parenthood offering free abortions in exchange for women who use their services get permanently sterilized? Why don't we take women's rights away while we're at it. You know, all the ones they never should have gotten that feminism gave them? Seriously, if you want a solution, this is how it gets done. Think globally, act locally. Start getting comfortable telling women, "No!"

Anonymous said...

If you start a charity to raise awareness, I will gladly donate/work for your charity.