Saturday, November 21, 2020

College Educated Shits Admit Defeat, Attend Trade School

Well, I made that title up.

But it is nice to see these "college educated geniuses" being forced to go back to trade school so that they might enter the real world.


Bad Aim said...

You know what, good for these kids and wish them success. Glad that they figured out that they were duped, instead of blaming stupid crap like white patriarchy for their lack of job options. These people aren’t going to be snowflakes that ask the government to bail out their personal dumb ass decision making. Instead they are proactively turning themselves into functioning useful adults. I know acting like an adult shouldn’t be an accomplishment, but considering how immature the younger generations are, it’s nice to see some of them show personal agency.

Paul Chappell said...

Interesting, but not unexpected... Working in higher education (IT), I moved from one University where the LAS College (where I wound up working) produced a huge number of graduates who would have no real chance of getting jobs in "their field", whatever that field was. The more focused (STEM) fields on the other hand typically had jobs waiting for them. As my degrees are Engineering, CS and IT, strangely I had no trouble finding jobs. Moved to another University where the largest concentration of Students in in "Health Sciences" (nursing, radiology, etc.) and they also have jobs waiting for them. Other areas... Well, perhaps not so much.

A Texan said...

Another article since few us have or would want a subscription the Jeff Bezos paper blog:

Where were all of the K-12 'professionals' and overpaid dimwits with 'educational doctorates'? It really begs the question what the is the taxpayer getting for their money with the 'pubic' education system.

Paul, Dammit! said...

This makes me very happy.

Not least because I'm one of them. Even in 1998 the student loans covering college and grad school to become a neurophysiologist were pretty steep. More than a neurophysiologist can cover, anyhow. 20 years after joining the merchant marine, I'm still the only guy I know with an MS out here. Everyone else was smart enough to not go to college. We take 18 year old kids from the South and from Middle America, 55k per year on day 1, working 2 weeks on/2 off. In 3-5 years they can test to become engineers or deck officers, and jump to a 6 figure salary.
There ARE a few guys out here with degrees (excluding maritime academy graduates, who start out as officers). Most don't make it. Too pouty about missing mommy because of 2 weeks of 12 hour days and not being able to smoke weed.

Tucanae Services said...

Have to be careful here because I don't want to disclose too much.

There is a certain Texas tech college that is offering a 1 semester practicum session. Their first 'client' is Texas A&M. So a student goes thru 4 years of 'training' in a field of study only to be told they need some practical training before the go out into the wild. Imagine you spend $XX,XXX amount of money only to be told at the end 'We didn't teach you s#$%' and have to attend an additional semester for what you should have received in your freshmen/sophomore years.

Udemy and their ilk are going to clean the clocks of certain 'credentialed' institutions.

Cingoldby said...

To be fair, at least they have the sense to realise their mistake and actually do something about it rather than just sit around whining for the government to use taxpayyer money to bail them out and pay off their student loans.