Tuesday, November 24, 2020

Spoiled Rich White Kids from the Suburbs are Everyone's Enemy

This is a bit dated, but it's important to highlight as the true psychopaths and nazis out there are where all psychopaths and nazis come from - a privileged background.

I don't normally use the word "privilege" since it has lost all meaning, but those who use it the most, are most guilty of it. And the most weak, spoiled, soft people who come from weak, spoiled soft backgrounds are predominantly white kids from the suburbs.

I often joke to my black listeners "Don't worry everyone!  Rich liberal white women from the suburbs are here!  Everything will be fine!!!!"  But you cannot have a worse group of people than rich, pampered, leftists from the suburbs coming there to "help you."

There are not there to help you.  They are there to feed their egos.  You are merely a "blackie pawn" for them to masturbate themselves with.  The sooner you realize that, the sooner you realize who you're real friends are.


Anonymous said...

Rich "White" kids.

Do some more research on this one, Aaron.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps the only sensible thing the Rev. Farrakhan has said is "If you believe the White man is the source of all our problems, why do you expect him to be our savior?"

A Texan said...

White shit libs are the biggest threat to society and need to be physically removed from it in the future. There can be no peace with these dolts walking about. They are worse than their pet violent minorities whom they enable.

Bill said...

Or as the great one likes to say, "white women view minorities as rescue dogs".

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Anonymous said...

This is the most misinformed post I've unfortunately read in some time - disappointing for a blog that has reach.

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Mariya said...

White Kids