Monday, November 02, 2020

The Women Who Destroyed the Man You Wanted

An olive branch to all the women out there who's in love with a guy whos ex destroyed and has ruined him forever.


Return of The Red Pill said...

Women have made themselves too much trouble and risk to interact with. When "the juice isn't worth the squeeze", don't expect any squeezing to happen.
I noticed that the vast majority of women in this country became "concerned" about the maltreatment and abuse that men face in this society, ONLY when they themselves became adversely affected by men's resultant aversion to them.

MGTOW -- "because it's better to be single than to wish that you were".

Anonymous said...

I am on record saying, "Old Women Settle". Interesting trend, Cappy. I believe women will adjust their fashion sense and 'land' men who are 5'8" making 30k. How bad does it have to get until 5'8" making 30k is top 10%? Wymonz are social relativists as much as they are relentless opportunists. No thanks. One thing you could emphasize more is the police state that has substituted for men as a political force. A woman is state bait. Grrl power is a facade. Please stop calling them ladies. You just described the 'other' women. They ain't 'other'.

liberranter said...

A very well-delivered piece of advice, but alas, I'm skeptical that even most well-intentioned women can digest the truth. We know that women as a sex are genetically incapable coming to terms with their own moral agency, so it's unlikely that most will see your explanation as anything other than male self-pity. To acknowledge their own culpability as a sex for any aspect of the status quo is a non-starter.

Dr. Coyote said...

Hey! That's my skull! I was wondering where that went after her lawyer finished.