Monday, November 23, 2020

Play Stupid Games, Win Stupid Prizes

Still sick, but two news items that highlight a point I've made before.  

When I was younger I gave a druggie a ride home from a party.  I later found a bag of pot had fallen out of his pocket and was sitting on my back seat.  Those were the times that would have landed me in jail had I a tail light out or did a rolling stop.

Another time was when this older richer guy had a huge crush on my girlfriend at the time.  She liked the attention (and money) and they were probably fucking (yes, in hindsight, she probably was a whore).  But it almost got to fisticuffs between me and this guy..

Over what?

A psycho bipolar bitch who was playing us against each other.

And here's what you gotta learn.  You can be innocent as all get out, making the right moves, and keeping your nose clean, but if you lie with dogs, you can get fleas.  And in the cases above it was jail time and assault charges.

So here's story 1 of "play stupid games win stupid prizes."
And here is story 2 of "play stupid games, win stupid prizes."


tdcommenter said...

Those protests reduced police presence. Not going to mourn those who helped reduce law and order. There are plenty of children to mourn who were slain in the lawlessness. Secoriea Turner 8 years old was shot by a black man at an armed protest.

Maniac said...

In the words of Nelson Mandela Muntz...

A Texan said...

So, some worthless people died once again. Society is better off. At least we were spared how they were another 'aspiring rapper' hit by hard times. Too bad we can't round up these types into concentration camps.

Anonymous said...

Headline: 'He's irreplaceable'

“I’m an ex-foster kid, I’m a felon and I don’t have my GED,"

On the one hand, it's a tragedy. The article says his crimes were merely "theft". On the other hand, it isn't surprising that a BLM leader is a dropout felon mixed up in violence.

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