Sunday, February 17, 2008


There's Big Oil.

Then there's Big Tobacco.

And there's always Big Business.

But a new villain has emerged to terrorize and impoverish the poor and middle class;


Yes, Big Food!

Obviously a conspiracy of all the Farmer Joe's out there, forming cartels to jack up the price of food! And all just so the "man" can keep us down! Thus I say we start a congressional investigation and slap a multi-billion dollar lawsuit on those bastards! And then price caps! And then Hillary can make sure Big Food doesn't enjoy any of these windfall profits that they so obviously conspired to create when we create a special tax!




Wulf said...

Typical evil businessmen. I can picture them now, fat and white and bald in their dark suits, lighting their cigars with flaming babies, saying to one another,

A:Yes, yes, we've got it good... they all need oil, and we've got it! Squeeze them by the balls, boys!

B:Hrm... it occurs to me... you know what else they all need? Hrm? Even more than oil? FOOD! Let's squeeze them by the stomachs, by jove!

A:Great idea! Here, have another baby seal sandwich, old boy.

If only we had a populist presidential candidate, or three. Then we'd stop them!

Johnny Roosh said...

...the proponents of Ethanol have done their part to make

Big Oil=Big Food

Jim said...

I wonder if the 2007 bump has anything to do with organics. Or maybe the price of oil (you know, for deep-frying).

Steve said...

I'm sure we've all seen the emails floating around about not filling up your car on a specific day. We should rise up against Big Food and do the same thing. Nobody purchase food, or eat anything on a specific day. That will show them!

Ro! said...

It will be interesting to see the correlation between prices & embedded taxes