Thursday, February 14, 2008

Two Observations About Movies

So I wanted to see Rambo. I will admit it, I wanted to see Rambo. Never got around to it.

Also wanted to see In the Name of the King. Never got around to that one either.

And it occurred to me that it is becoming an increasingly rare instance that I go see a movie and would surmise the same of Gen X men. The reason being two fold and thus I tender my theories for commentary;

1. Gen X has no "manly man" heroes in the cinema. The Baby Boomers had Schwartzenegger, Sly Stallone, Charles Bronson, Bruce Willis.

What have we got?

Carrot Top and Adam Sandler.

Even "our" heroes of today are aging boomer heroes;

John McClane
The Terminator

The closest thing we have to a "he-man" hero is Jason Bourne and you don't see him carrying heavy machine guns around. I'll grant Jason Statham some credit as well, but again, he hasn't achieved the cult status of his boomer predecessors.

So aside from "Live Free or Die Hard" or "Rambo" there really isn't a lot of movies compelling me and my Gen-X male colleagues to go sit through a movie.

2. That whole "sit through the movie" thing. I'm finding it increasingly difficult to drive to a megaplex in a mall, spend hours looking for parking, only to fork over $9 for something I can inevitably get on Netflix or buy from Wal-Mart for much cheaper and watch on a big screen TV or LCD projector.

Additionally it is in the comfort AND SILENCE of my own home. No little kids with their mothers trying and failing to discipline them. Nobody talking in the theater. Just me, my martini bar, my humidor and maybe the occasional female lieutenant of capitalism.

Regardless, I sense a trend. With home theater entertainment having the technical capacity to outdo a movie theater (because you are sitting that much closer to the screen) not to mention Gen-X men are aging and we no longer have the testosterone to go out all the time and are finding the comforts of home, comforting, you are going to see less and less of them going out to the movies.


Anonymous said...

Captain, my Captain... you are much too young to be nesting already....

You forgot to mention; that just maybe, except for the Bourne franchise there just isn't anything out there to watch anymore; that is worthwhile.

Also, it seems to me that the direction the movies are going these days is driven by our changing social values that indicates you have to be NICE to every one, every thing and not be the cause of any controversey...

Like the markets though... it is a trend and is cyclical... YOUR DAY WILL COME...


CapitalBabs said...

I couldn't agree more - I have been having similar feelings for the last several years. It's just so much more convenient to my schedule to watch in the privacy of my own home or someone else's. About the only thing I go to the theater for now is for something that has special effects that I will really want to see on the big screen - like Live Free or Die Hard. But I still think leaving Bond out of the Gen X hero group is a mistake - especially after how good Casino Royale was.

Captain Capitalism said...

CBabs, you just like Daniel Craig. ;)


But I like nesting. I've saved probably over $10,000 in the past two years not going out as much as I used to. And to what point and purpose is there to going out? Night clubs? Meat markets? "Art fairs?" Girls that loathe you when you call them "Kid" on a date? Parking? cover charges?

Pha, I'll stay in and sleep and enjoy a good video game.

Unknown said...

24's Jack Bauer is my hero. Though I don't agree with his tactics sometimes, I still admire him.

Captain is needed back on the radio, too.

Anonymous said...

..and enjoy a good video game.


The video game Industry is BIGGER than Hollywood. They cater almost exclusively to males.

And Hollywood wonders why men aren't going to the movies.

Newspapers are circling the drain, but Hollywood is following them. Following the same script for failure.

Anonymous said...

You wanted to see an Uwe Boll movie? You do know who he is, right?

Anonymous said...

Lee Marvin
Steve McQueen
Clint Eastwood
John Wayne
James Caan
Carl Weathers
Sean Connery
James Garner
Yul Brynner
James Coburn
Ernest Borgnine
Robert DeNiro
And many more. Manly men indeed.

Anonymous said...

In the Name of the King. Yeah, about that... it's a Uwe Boll movie. Please, for the love of all that is good and decent, do not give that man any money. He's made a career out of butchering (sometimes good, sometimes bad) games into horrible movies. The only reason he's able to keep doing it is because he's subsidized by the German government.

I haven't gone to the movies in a year or so. I just watch at home, same as you.

Anonymous said...

Ah but the market has spoken... Just not quite loud enough.

For there comes a movement, based out of (and sadly only in) Austin that provides what every Gen X movie goer wants... Dinner and a Movie.

Approved by Harry Knowles of Aint It Cool News, the Austin Cinema and Drafthouse is truly revolutionary.

Key point #1: All shows are 18+, except for the Kid's Club screenings, early on Saturday mornings. No crappy teen age kids ruining your viewing of The Ring by talking on their cell phone and running in the aisles.

Key point #2: Food. Gone are overpriced tubs of popcorn and soda. Buy yourself a pizza and pitcher of beer. Saturday Spaghetti Western showings come complete with spaghetti dinners.

Key point #3: Experience. For example, I've seen a showing of The Goonies, in a natural Cavern, and have a Corey Feldman autographed Laserdisc to show for the effort. When seeing the opening day release of Sin City, the pre-show festivities included pole dancers, and leather-clad wait staff. Saturday, Feb 16th's showing of Semi-Pro will have Will Ferrell live in person. I also attended a "Cannibal Film Festival" and the Mister Pancake Theatre (Think Live MST3k) is a comedic gem.


They do have franchise opportunities...

Anonymous said...

I'm not a Gen X male, but I couldn't agree more. Not to mention at home, you can pause the movie to take a bathroom break, get snacks, etc. You can snuggle under a blanket or do whatever you want.

If I go to more than 1 movie every two years, it's a shock.

Captain Capitalism said...

Yeah, exactly my point, all those guys are baby boomers, if not, WWII generation. Where's the manly Gen X'er?

Doogie said...

Don't forget Optimus Prime; he's the manliest example of a robot I've ever encountered. He too has been dragged out of history.

We men have lost something important. Maybe it's all that unprocessed estrogen in our drinking water.