Saturday, February 16, 2008

The Captain's Adventures in Arizona

Thought I'd share with you guys my pictures from Arizona, for something lighter on the weekend. To get the full effect of my trip right click here and open this in a separate window while continuing to read below.

Here's me finishing up busy season, it had been a rough year, taxes started, had to revamp my classes to reflect any changes in the tax code for 2008, plus dance classes were starting in a week. I needed to relax and take a vacation;

So I hopped on a plane embarking for Pheonix, Arizona. Rumor had it there were lot's of fossils of varying kinds out in the state, but more importantly there was some serious hiking to do. Additionally I had a friend I could crash with and not pay for a hotel (though I sleep in my car most of the time when on vacation). For some reason a red line was following the plane all the way there;

Anyway, I got there and as luck would have it another friend of mine who lives in Pheonix proper was taking off for North Carolina. She said if I house sat the dogs I could just crash there, thus providing me a central location to launch my adventures from. These are the dogs.

I then went for a hike with my buddy, Le. We climbed Skull Mesa which was a formidable hike. Le had to go to the bathroom every 15 minutes and this was pretty much the most common site on the hike. Thus I took a picture of it because this literally was what you would see the most.

This is me with my new favorite shirt I got for Christmas

This is Skull Mesa in the background and Le in the foreground. I didn't take this picture for the mesa, but because this is one of the rare times Le wasn't peeing.

This is Le after the hike...and maybe some whiskey.

I also hiked Sabino Canyon out in Tucson. Rain had come in, but the sun was setting allowing for this kind of contrasting picture.

And while I was not able to find any fossils, I did find a freaking sweet ghost town near a crossroads called "Two Guns." It was weird, lot's of buildings, these are just a couple, but there must have been some sort of commerce going on back then in that area.

There was a lot more to the trip, saw the Petrified Forest, Painted Desert, found some petraglyphs, saw the airplane graveyard outside Tucson and lot's of cacti. Lot's of cacti.

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Disposable Info said...

Aw, you went through both my home town (Holbrook, AZ - next to the Petrified Forest) and my college-years town, Tucson. I just moved to DC in December (from Tucson), so it's nice to see one of my favorite bloggers enjoying the area...

Nice weather, huh?