Wednesday, June 02, 2010

The $64,000 Question Is...

Will people now change their minds and realize this was a cowardly attempt by terrorists, guised under noble, humanitarian clothing to smuggle weapons in (and thus in part admit there is now a desire of lefter leaning elements to combined forces with terrorism) and therefore condemn it


Will they refuse to admit they're wrong and tacitly support terrorism because their leftist ideology blinds them from any kind of capacity for intellectual honesty


They will cowardly claim this report is false and that the Israeli's made it up.

It is a very important question because it's going to test whether people (primarily of the lefter persuasion) can set aside their ideologies and as adults acknowledge they were wrong and condemn terrorism or if their ideology is so strong they will still maintain their positions and thus tacitly APPROVE OF TERRORISM.

I shall now sit back and watch this unfold like a movie, much like a did the housing crash, without an utter care or concern because simply it's a lost cause and life is too short to worry about things you don't control. So, enjoy the decline!


Anonymous said...

There were 6 boats. 1 contained terrorists, 5 were the humanitarian type of people.

CBMTTek said...

1st statement will be the Israelis placed the weapons there.

Until they realize that it would look incredibly stupid for them to fill the ship with "a supply of weapons including knives, Molotov cocktails, detonators, wood and metal clubs, slingshots and rocks, large hammers and sharp metal objects." Seriously, if Israel wanted to plant evidence, they would certainly choose something more dangerous then rocks.

That leaves the next tactic. Claiming the items do not exist. It is just made up. Probably will not work, because I am sure the Israelis will be more then willing to show people the sticks and stones.

Which only leaves the third option.

Ignore the report.

Which, as you predict, is exactly what will most likely happen.

Captain Capitalism said...

Suuurreee they were. Not to mention your inane point that somehow absolves 5 other ships from another even though they were sailing under the same banner. You'll go a long way to protect those terrorists it seems.

Hot Sam said...

"Dewey Defeats Truman"

Anonymous said...

The Islamofascists and the Liberal/socialist/anarchist/communist factions have aligned with the goals of destroying Israel first and the USA second.

This is war, regardless of Obama's ignorance. We may be seeing now a worse president than Jimmy Carter. I didn't think it was possible.

RJ said...

These 'humanitarian vessels' were attempting to break an illegal blockade that contributes to the overall humanitarian crisis of the region. Israeli commandos seizing the ship was piracy (humanitarian ships are exempt from this seizure), especially on international waters.

Furthermore, the video released by the IDF (which has been known for it's human rights abuses) was cheaply edited and acts more as a propoganda film. The only thing it sheds to light is that there were no pacifists upon the flotilla. It's ludicrous to think the Israeli government is being entirely honest considering it has refused investigation into the affair, exempting one by either it's own government or the US...surprise, surprise..., and it was acknowledged by the UN that commandos seized the crews communication and recording equipment.

BTW, your link doesn't work.