Monday, June 28, 2010

The Escapist

As most of you know I have more or less retired from blogging, making occasional quick posts here and there. If you really want to see genius, read some of my older stuff when I actually thought there might be hope for the country if there was somebody who pulled all the economic data together and spelled it out for people. Now I just chase after Natasha and play video games.

Regardless, there are new people hitting blogosphere and you should check them out. The Escapist is one of them.


Ryan Fuller said...

Great, except there's already "The Escapist" out there, which is also good reading if you like your video games.

Escapist said...

Thanks Captain, appreciate that - you're one of the people I was inspired by. My next post (after the current Obligatory Game Post and parody of pretentious PUAs) is a real, legally-kosher and slightly-devilish strategy (Room at the Top) for how the libertarian-conservative right can shift the political field entirely in its direction. After that, I have a series of conceptual strategy posts, and a particular solution for Social Security/Medicare. The left's good at its work (which is bad), but anyone can be beaten.


Anonymous said...

Yeah, don't go near unless you're a full on soclialist hippie progressive. They run out anyone who even dares to drop the phrase "free market". Biggest bunch of bigoted idiots I've ever seen. And if you don't leave and you have an opinion that doesn't match up, you'll get endlessly harassed by the moderator gestapo.