Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Definition of Stupid

They're about as smart as our youth in this country. Protesting over increasing the retirement age to (GASP) 62 SO THAT THEY MIGHT ACTUALLY HAVE SOME FREAKING MONEY WHEN IT COMES TIME FOR THEM TO RETIRE!!!!!

Oh, Karl Marx is laughing in his grave right now.


Mark Adams said...

But on the bright side, their odds of dying when one of their peers torches their car and thus not even making it to 62 go up every day.

Hot Sam said...

Ok, like first we invent this time machine thing which should take about 12 years. Then I go back in time and invest money in Walmart and Microsoft and stuff. Then in 2010 we'll have enough money to build the time machine in like 12 years. Then we'll go back in time again and invest more money in Walmart and stuff so we have enough money in 2010 to retire at 20. Then we won't need to build any time machines. We'll just party up as bazillionaires.

Ryan Fuller said...

Those people are idiots.

"We don't get a steady job until we're 27, if we have to pay taxes for 42 more years on top of that, there's no way we'll retire at 62, not if we want to have a full pension," she said."

I think maybe this stupidity and sense of entitlement comes in part from not getting a job until they're 27.

I had a job at 16. They're bitching about not being able to retire early, but I started working more than ten years before them. I have no sympathy for those spoiled children.

Anonymous said...

Dumb as a box of rocks and not quite as useful.

Why in the heck do students need a friggin' union for??? Are they professional students or something like that?

Mr Econotarian said...

The sad thing is that what drives these protests is that French kids out of college take 4-5 years go get a full-time job because of all the "labor protections", thus even though they'd get a full pension after 42 years of work, they might be over 70 by then.

These are the same kids who just trashed labor law reforms due to their protests because they didn't want to risk being fired from a job. They prefer to be unifirable, thus they are unhirable as well.

ShreyasKaptan said...

Hi Captain!

I am just an amateur wandering around your blog and what a unsurprise! I love it.. absolutely!

I recently became a follower (about a couple of months) and considering that I am going to be too presumptuous and ask for a favor: I would like to know more of your opinions on Karl Marx... Do you admire him even if he was a communism de facto personified? Or do you think he was stupid and motivated like many of dictators floating around in history books?

Let me put my opinion on (amateur as it is, really!) : I think that the times (industrial revolution) were just too cruel for laborers for a philosopher too feel pity for them. But does that justify what came out of Mr. Marx's work?

Will be thrilled to know it from you...

Please let us know!!

Thanks for being who you are!

ShreyasKaptan said...

Funny. People of the government jobs in India want to have the retirement age increased so that they can NOT WORK and still get paid... pure socialism in work.

The Freed Slave said...

french reader's view: agreed

Anonymous said...

Funny! People in Anglo Saxon countries just do not understand the French mindset. Wine, women, corruption, good food, that is what their life is all about. Compare Louisiana with Nebraska, and you will get the idea. They laugh at the Anglo industrial mindset. The few French people with a strong work ethic, move to England or America. In fact, the migration of the French Huguenots, was a huge boast to the English and American economies.
Folks, French people are different.

CBMTTek said...

If they were protesting because a higher retirement age meant less jobs for the young, that I could see. But, this? Laughable.