Monday, June 07, 2010

Go Back to Organizing Communities

I bet, I just bet, there's a lot of people ruing the fact that they not so much voted for this incompetent child, but that they got caught up in such frivolous tomfoolery as "nice pecs" and "hope and change."

I'll try to be as simple and direct as possible.

In the real world, you have real problems that require adult attention and action. And when you're nothing more than a trust fund baby brat, with no galvanizing, harsh, real world experiences-say like working to support yourself-, you (no matter what your age) are nothing more than a child faking it as long as possible before the population realizes you are not an adult and are supremely incompetent to handle any responsibility, especially the tonnage of responsibility known as the presidency of the United States.

And it must be a huge blow to the ego to realize the only reason you're president is because society has degraded to such a point that a bunch of dolts watching "American Idol" who thought you had nice pecs and were "cool" voted for you quite simply on those grounds.

Regardless, enjoy the decline! I'm going fishing!


Ecclesiastes said...

Wow. Obama is looking to kick ass. That's real leadership, eh?

Anonymous said...

All the more reason for implementing a test to prove one is competent enough to vote!! The bitter irony is the fact that when the shit hits the fan in earnest the morons who voted us into this latest mess will be the first to plead for help from those that didn't!! At that point, we just let them swing hopelessly in the wind so that maybe, just maybe, they'll finally pull their heads out of their asses should they survive.

Anonymous said...

And the alternative put Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the Presidency?

And John McCain is no Ronald Reagan either.

Someday we are gooing to have an economic conservative running for president again.

CBMTTek said...

@Anon #1:
"All the more reason for implementing a test to prove one is competent enough to vote!"

I have a simple test.

Do you pay taxes?

If your tax burden to the Federal Treasury, (or for State elections, State Treasury) is $0 or less, you lose the right to vote.

It will not get rid of all the jackasses, but will certainly cut down on those that thought Obama was going to make housing and fuel free to everyone.

CBMTTek said...

@Anon #2:
"And the alternative put Sarah Palin a heartbeat away from the Presidency?"

And, what is so wrong with that?

Let's see, what did Sarah Palin do as Governor of Alaska...

She used her power of line item veto to scratch out more then $500M in the state budget. Then sent the legislature back into session to reallocate that money to project the State should be paying for.

She pushed for, and signed a fiscal responsibility law which forces the legislature to account for the full life cycle costs of projects and programs before funding the first dollar. No more building infrastructure and then having to raise taxes to maintain it.

When Obama pushed stimulus funds Alaska's way, she said "thanks but no thanks" to the stuff that would have to be Alaska taxpayer funded after two years. (The Legislature overruled her on that one.)

She pushed for an got funding for a natural gas pipeline. Something that has been stalled in the state legislature for decades.

When the State had a massive surplus when oil was over $100 a barrel, she could have let the legislature spend that money on union contracts, unnecessary projects, etc... instead, she handed it over to the citizens of the State. $1200 per resident. That money was taxes collected on the people's resources, therefore, it was to be returned to the people.

Sarah Palin did not scare me. McCain did.

Anonymous said...

How about we charge everyone $2.00 to vote. No money, no vote.

Anonymous said...

Here's a thought.

Let's charge everyone $2 to vote. No money, no vote.