Saturday, June 26, 2010


Is a disease.

More to come. Get your pen and paper ready.


PeppermintPanda said...

Don’t forget that the Tea Party and Conservative protesters are dangerous, and Progressive protests are far more peaceful.

Anonymous said...

Young brats who could work but prefer to destroy property of people they don't know. How mature.

Anonymous said...

Do they not understand that the anarchists (they aren't true protesters) are the same filth and trash that show up for EVERY world economic forum? There actually is a professional anarchy circuit funded by leftist morons and trust-fund babies of the extremly wealthy.

Yet governments tolerate their tactics and their destruction and do nothing to prevent such anarchy, do little to arrest the participants and their courts fine them and let 'em back on the street to destroy again.

They need to be treated like the anarchists they truly are, arrested on felony charges such as treason and arson with intent to kill and spend some long time in the slammer - Gitmo would be a great place for these scumbags to cool it for 5 years.

An alternative would be to arm the cops with full military weaponry and give them the following policy - shoot to kill the first bastard that breaks a window and any that torch a car or building.

Croak off a dozen or so, and arrest the ringleaders for conspiracy and the party is over folks. Repeat at subsequent protests until they smarten up and protest peacefully or they're all in the slammer.

No more bullshit.

CBMTTek said...

Maybe I missed it, but what exactly are these people protesting?

Not just the vandals, everyone. What exactly are they protesting? Governments working together? What? What am I missing?

Been trying to understand it for years. Protest the world bank, protest at G8/G20, still have no idea what, or why they are protesting.