Tuesday, January 20, 2015

I Have Officially Defined MGTOW

While I know there is much debate about MGTOW and who has the rights to this open source concept, I have finally decided that I, being a veteran MGTOW Level 26-c, am the foremost authority and outrank anybody else who either legitimately or falsely claims to be MGTOW.  Thus, after much contemplation and thought, I have finally decided what MGTOW is, means, and will continue to mean into the future.


Thank you, thank you, and buy my book!


Glen Filthie said...

I saw some idiot blathering about it on Youtube and after a few minutes I wanted to open my wrists.

If you want to go your own way, STFU, get on the motorcycle and do it! Don't make speeches about it, don't bore me with your moral and intellectual posing - just get on with it. Sheesh. Some of these assholes sound like feminists.

It's unmanly!

Troper A said...

I thought it was pronounced MIG -TAU.

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

It really is turning into a long (and most of the time apparently self-flattering) list of "thou shalt nots," isn't it?

I don't see the point of trading one master for another.

SM777 said...

From what I hear, used MIGs are pretty cheap these days. North Korea still uses 1950's and 60's vintage MIGs to save money.

Just an idea for anyone who wants an inexpensive Learjet substitute..........

Anonymous said...

How come Italy has mig 21's ?
On the mig is painted a roundel of the Italian air force.

Anonymous said...

Glen Filthie,

I wish Aaron Clarey would quit being this hateful and asshole Captain Capitalist but instead start the Clarey Motorcycles Company.

I want to ride a Clarey Motorcycle when I retire. But if he keeps on bitching and moaning about how the rest of the world is parasitic, I will not have the opportunity to purchase a Clarey Motorcycle.

Anonymous said...

Here's a business idea for you Captain.

Create a motorcycle that morphs both the japanese sport motorcycle and the heavy duty American motorcycles.

A morph between Harley and Kawasaki. A sport-utility motorcycle.

Then, call it a Clarey.

I bet my soul that you would become a huge success.

sanelity said...

How much Rumpleminze preceded this post Cappy?

Take The Red Pill said...

(chuckle) Pretty good!

Thomas said...

Mig 21 tow?

Wayne Earl said...

So.....does that make you Mavric, or Iceman?

And is bar bar Goose?

Anonymous said...

(Insert troll comment)
Thats not MigTow, she's leading him around by the nose!

Anonymous said...

Hey Cappy!

Of topic, but on one of the things you keep talking about, the need to fire HR people.



Michael said...

i lol'd

AuricTech said...

Fishbeds, Fishbeds, roly-poly Fishbeds...

Anonymous said...

It's an Indian Air Force MiG. They have a lot of Russian stuff.

Tim said...

"Create a motorcycle that morphs both the japanese sport motorcycle and the heavy duty American motorcycles."

Buell went bust years ago.

Viredae said...

Yeah, Fuck you Clarey.

No, I'm not actually upset, I just felt this was appropriate given the lame joke.

Anonymous said...

Anon 4;27 - not 100 percent sure because the colour isn't good but I think that Mig 21 is Indian air force.

Anon 4:32 - check out the motorcycles Triumph makes now. I think they might be what you are looking for.

SM777 said...

HR is cool....not.

"They speak gibberish."

No, they speak bullshit.

"They revel in red tape."

No, they revel in incompetence.

"They live in a bubble."

No, they live in a psychopath's paradise.

"They aren’t really in your business."

No, they are all up in your business.

Alex said...

What's hard to get? It's saying I'm going to live the life I want to live.

I don't understand the friction between PUA, MRA and MGTOW. If you want to fight for men's rights as an MRA, fine. If you want to make the notch counts of a PUA a contest with yourself or others, great. If you want to opt out and live for yourself, cool.

There seems to be something about people though, that takes offense if others don't follow a certain way of life.

@Glen Filthie - that's funny, but you had to go looking for that video, right? Nobody forced you to look or listen.

By the way, I also do the same thing with wacky feminist videos to laugh my ass off, but I don't take offense at what I've consciously consumed.

Paul Elam said...

So fucking Tweeting this.

Dene Rumsby said...

It's Indian not Italian

Northern Iggy said...

Here's the rub.. the very nature of MGTOW is to basically declare that you are not following other's preset rules in terms of gender expectations AS A MAN. As such, the definition shifts from man to man as to what he thinks are good or bad rules that he wants to follow or not to follow.

Which is why, to me, MGTOW is more a description of a movement than an individual title. MGTOW is tens of thousands, if not millions, of guys discovering red pill philosophy (or some aspect of it) and deciding to reject certain parts, if not all, of what they perceive are their 'roles' in society.

So, MGTOW is an overall description of the event that is happening to a portion of men in society who are choosing to modify some aspect of their behavior in reaction to the expectation of 'others'.

To "be" MGTOW is as easy as saying your not paying for the meal after the date, so long as your reason for doing so is in recognition of the fact that it is an 'expected' behavior.

Yes, the definition is broad, but the effect.. the resulting observable effect is what some of us call MGTOW.

So.. Red Pill Awareness + a Decision to not follow a particular part of your expected role as a Male = Someone participating in MGTOW (to whatever degree).

MEN (this is a male gender thing)
GOING (taking an action)
THIER/HIS (in opposition to the expectation's he believes others have of him)
OWN (in the direction he prefers to go)
WAY (resulting in doing different actions than expected)

The concept is to improve your life or at least reduce the risk you've been exposing yourself to by living to fill societies expectations of you 'as a man'.

If you are in any way supporting or living a life that is effectively different than what you perceive others expectations of you are (as a man), you are part of MGTOW.

Grasseaters in Japan are part of MGTOW... not following what they expect are their roles 'as men' for their culture.
MRA's are part of MGTOW.... pushing for changes to law and culture that is currently expected of 'men'

MGTOW matters because those who support being able to tell men WHAT TO DO.. feminists and their ilk... are losing useful idiots to manipulate and fund their ideology, as well finding some level of organized/disorganized resistance to their attempt to control men.

MGTOW is anti-feminist because feminism is about controlling men by exploiting men's natural tendencies to protect women, by creating manipulative false threat narratives against men and boys. Feminism IS about telling men what to do, what their roles are and using the violence of the state to maintain that control.

MRA's support MGTOW because their activism actively fights state institutions who control men via the threat and the use of violence.

The main difference between MGTOW and MRA is in the letter "A"... Activism. MGTOW doesn't directly actively challenge the controlling institutions, at least not in any organized fashion. MRA is about organized opposition.

Which is the reason why you can be both part of MGTOW and either an MRA or not. If your not organizing to challenge the institutions, then you are likely just MGTOW. If you are actively organizing, you are likely MRA.

In the broadest sense, both 'tags' are part of the same reaction to the control imposed by others on you as men.

zeb said...

The levels and categories of MGTOW are uncannily like Dungeons and Dragons (at age 15, a 10th level half-elven Ranger, and at age 35, a 3rd level MGTOW). Coincidence?