Saturday, January 10, 2015

Why Feminists Choose Victimhood Over Work

This is (to date) what I believe to be my best rant against the hypocrisy of feminism and "empowered women."  Specifically, how they purposely choose to focus on "sexism" and "victimhood" instead of other, more effective actions they could take that would improve their lot immeasurably and actually close the wage gap, belying their true motives - theft and parasitism.

I also throw in a bit about what the sex life of a feminist must be like sleeping with the Pajama Boys of the world.

Language warning, as always:


TroperA said...

And Intel's going to spend 300m to "equalize" the employment gap in their ranks.

It's no wonder why feminists choose victimization over work--it's so damn profitable!

Anonymous said...

Looking forward to this when I get ashore and have decent bandwidth.

As for the feminist/pajama boy thing, I believe that the heterosexual feminists have a dichotomy between acceptable and bland pajama boy sex and relationships, bookended with guilty pleasure sex with undiscerning men. I ended up with a few of them in my college days, and I was pretty proud of being a neanderthal with savant-like talent for chemical physiology. Tended to be both of us feeling shame the next morning. I'm not proud of that.
The hands-down most radical feminist I ended up with for a night wasn't terrible looking, but demanded I choke her during sex. Even super-drunk and damn near unable to consent in the legal sense, I had visions of David Carradine in my head, and bailed. She's (and this is no BS) now the head of a massive NGO focused on Women's rights. The queen of Poke Me Choke Me needed violent sex to enjoy any sex... and that's feminism in a nutshell. Frightening and pitiful.

Take The Red Pill said...

Why do feminists choose Victimhood over work? SIMPLE! Just like math, "work is too hard!"
It's called 'work' for a good reason!