Monday, January 19, 2015

This is What Happens When you Choose a Government Check Over a Husband

Language warning, but 100% true.


Kgaard said...

I think the author you refer to is Jack Kerouac, author of On the Road and a central figure of 1950s American lit. A legit dude if ever there was one. You should read him if you haven't!

Jamie NZ said...

Could she try growing her own food???

The Radical One said...

Nice video. If our lives are so screwed up its mostly because we (our generation) isn't tught any better. I'm the only one I know who has a family that's intact (by family I mean my husband and I the rest of my relatives are like everyone else and divorced and have blended families). Yet I'm also the only woman I know who doesn't work and has a very patriarchal marriage. My husband has been called an asshole for not letting me work and I have been looked upon like some lazy bum. It's ridiculous. We actaully have a family that sticks together and we are criticized!? When does it stop? When do we start teaching young women differently. When do we start promoting marriage and sex roles? Shows you how bad society is messed up when I can't even find another intact family and every time I meet a woman I know she will start telling me about her job and baby daddy dramas. Obviously the feminist/egalitarian way doesn't work yet it is still promoted despite the harm done to children and families.

Anonymous said...

Think of all the success you would have if you only changed your business model.

Instead of bitching against other people and sell books and peddle crap for sponsors,

You could be building custom made motorcycles for customers all around the world. You could be riding your motorcycles from bike show to bike show with your fans and followers.

You could be making videos about how cool it is to ride a Clarey Motorcycle in the Mohave Desert, in the plains of Nebraska, in Arizona, on the roads of Alaska.

You could be updating your followers periodically on where you are riding your own brand name Clarey Motorcycle.

You could be filling orders selling MOTORCYCLES, not books.

You would be making so much money that you would no longer care about taxes, a paid accountant would do this for you.

Come on, Captain, be all you can be !

YOU are holding yourself back, not parasites and not corporations.

Captain Capitalism said...

Are you kidding me? Start a motorcycle company? Do you know how time that would take?

I get paid enough to make ends meet AND ride my motorcycle anytime i want AND work from ANYWHERE I want.

AND I do it helping out young men by ensuring they allocate capital correctly, which is what economists are supposed to do.

I will never ever give up this job for a real one. Never.

Rich Fader said...

Oh, and the regulatory load for any motor-vehicle company. There's that.

I think our subject's biggest problems were (a) going for the warm-and-fuzzy major was great for her, but having done that, doing the warm-and-fuzzy job search was not. She should have nailed down the full-time, tenure track gig wherever she could get it, college if possible, primary or secondary if necessary, and then screwed around on her days off. And (b) she banged the young dude in a band. The joke "Mom, I want to be a rock musician when I grow up." "Honey, you can't do both." is stereotypical, but maybe not too far off for the guy at the time, I think.

And for stretching a limited food budget, I'm not judging her, I'm just saying Trader Joe's is a better treat-yoself market than it is the week-to-week go-to for her.

Phil Galt said...

I read this piece on Huffington Post a while ago. Is it wrong for me to take delight in her suffering?

Meiji Man said...

Put the kid up for adoption. Find a couple who made the right choices in life and have the inclination and money to take on a Handicapped kid.

Spend the rest of your life atoning for your stupidity and earning the privilege to let yourself back into your child's life