Saturday, January 31, 2015

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I predict suicide will continue to increase and I also predict life expectancy increases will start to slow, perhaps even decline for men within our lifetimes.

Men will find agency and purpose in their lives.  Even if it means finding it in video games.

The Man of "DT and The Man" is forced to go to diversity training.  I will simply say this - if you have a mortgage or debt or a car loan, then you need to suffer this blatant leftist, anti-white male hatred.  If you don't, then you can tell your employer to FOAD if they dare to force you to attend this propaganda.

This is a house I could live in.


rozyczkovincent said...

Thanks for the article defending video games, Cappy. However, I do have a problem with one of the writer's main points.

"In our world today, the truest test of men’s skill exists only in the field of sports and videogames. Professional sports, where you earn a salary, is limited to a small percentage of people. The rest of men's existence in society is based solely on their intelligence, with no relation to physical mastery. The only value a man can create now, is based on how intelligent he is at making money. You can argue that fields such as carpentry, construction, the police and firefighting forces, or others requiring physical work create value, but where a policeman earns between $80,000-$100,000 by putting his life at daily risk, a software engineer earns $130,000-$180,000 sitting at a desk."

How about a medical doctor or veterinarian who goes for board certification in surgery/cardiology as a specialty, or who merely invests significant time and resources in continuing education?

How about a man of any occupation who takes ballroom or salsa dancing classes and works on his skills to the point that he can become an instructor to others?

How about a man that learns to fly a helicopter and works to transport patients and donated organs on a moment's notice to save lives in a time of crisis?

I find the writer to have an appalling lack of imagination (at best) or perhaps a willful ignorance of the many ways that a man can use both his body and his mind to the fullest, and make good money and have a great life by doing so. It's not necessarily a zero-sum game, but foolish writers like this one contribute to that discredited worldview that needs to be put to rest once and for all.

Anonymous said...

I think that men’s life expectancy will decline. Women often talk about a wage gap and discrimination that does not exist. It is the other way around. I applied for a job that was an IT position for a healthcare company. I have a BS in computer science from a top 100 university and was the top of my premed class. I was turned down for the job. Some months later I met 2 women who had undergraduate degrees in healthcare administration who both went through the same program together. I remember throwing out some medical terminology to see what they knew but they looked at me like I was talking Greek. These women were also non-Spanish speaking, non-US citizens with thick accents. Guess who later got hired for IT positions at that healthcare company? You guessed it: The 2 women with the cake, feather weight degrees. While most women have degrees in fake majors, the world tends to take them much more seriously. So much for white male advantage. As Cappy says: Enjoy the decline.

Anonymous said...

I am not a video game player. I played them a bit as a kid, when asteroids and pong were the state of the art. If they were more advanced at the time they might have captured my imagination a bit more.

Video games are just the modern version of sports or board games, or dungeons and dragons or whatever. Some men devote a lot of time to sports, some to video games. The onl real difference is that sport is good for your body, video games do not.

That being said, I strictly limit the amount of time I let my (9 and 11 year old) boys pla video games. If they play for too long they become nasty and anti social. It is scary how heir personalities change under the influence of video games.

I do regularly play chess and scrabble with them. They both have very good language and mental arithmetic skills as a result.

Pete Brewster said...

Well, of course it will. It spiked in Russia after the collapse of communism. A comradess on the skids still had the option of pimping herself out as a mail-order bride when communism collapsed. Russian men didn't have that option. Life expectancies of men plunged in the early Nineties from 64 in 1989 to 58 in 1993, and took twenty years to recover.

Anonymous said...

"but where a policeman earns between $80,000-$100,000 by putting his life at daily risk, a software engineer earns $130,000-$180,000 sitting at a desk. "

How about a mathematician software engineer, enlisted as a policeman, who develops a crime prediction and management software based on the agregate inputs of millions of cameras, sensors and deep data mining and then makes a fortune selling his security software to thousands of police department, security firms, military organizations and governments around the world.

You can be both. You don't have to choose either.

Goober said...

Ahhh, the freedom of not having a mortgage or a rent payment.

Paid off my house.

Everything else is paid for.

I had a tumor in my heart this year, caused me to get really sick and way less productive. My employer kept piling on. It got really bad, and I couldn't keep up, until we parted ways.

I think he thought it was going to be a huge blow to me, and it was, psychologically. My poor health took so much from me this year, but one thing it was not able to take?

My and my family's financial security.

Anonymous said...

And... stats show police rarely put their lives at risk as a part of their job. Their biggest risks are traffic accidents, which they cause, and that is a risk they increase for all of us potential victims of guys who can run red lights for a living. Trash collectors have a more dangerous job and you don't hear them whining about about "putting their lives on the line every day".

Anonymous said...

And I get paid the same for going to diversity training as I get for being proiductive. I think of it as a long coffee break, with coffee breaks.