Saturday, January 31, 2015

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Howdy All!

A young man is starting a funding campaign for a fanfiction website wherein (if I understand this correctly) fans help participate in creating works of fiction (books, video, comics, webcomics) etc.  He is in the beginning stages and needs money for setting up the website, servers, other IT stuff, as well as spreading the word and getting some talent and fans.

The reason you may be interested is the theme of the site which is Anti-SJW.

I know a lot of Red-Pillers, freedom lovers, capitalists, Manospherians, and other sorts of people are out there and this is a way to fight back against the SJW's as well as maybe exhibit your artistic flair.

Again, he's only at the fund raising stage of this project.  But if you wanted to help fund him AND get in contact about potentially become a contributor to his site visit his fund raising site here.



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