Thursday, December 03, 2015

How the Average American Can Deal with Jihad in America


Bob Smith said...

Of course this happened in California where most of the urban counties won't issue concealed carry permits.

YIH said...

You get a gun! Not just get a gun, you get a concealed carry permit and you learn how to use it!
Nothing wrong with guns, they're nice to have. Better if you know what you're doing with one. Here's some places where you can't be 'strapped': The Mall of America, Target (how's that for irony?), Menard's, your favorite bar, and that security guard job (Tell me I'm wrong, your employer finds out, canned immediately, the State finds out, your cert is revoked, immediately and just try getting it back). Those who were attacked in CA were at a company Christmas party (company function, you may not be paid, your attendance is not required, but still company property again and by company policy 'gun free zone'), every one with their back to the door, maybe eating and chatting, among 'friends' and co-workers, next thing the door flies open and shots ring out! That's what got people killed in San Bernardino - and also in Aurora CO, just sitting watching a movie, it wasn't just the theater put up 'gun free zone' signs (You do know why they do that, right? Same reason that employer of yours does, liability issues - as in insurance companies) people weren't going there expecting to be ambushed, they went there to be entertained.
I have some muslim friends. Where have I heard that before? Oh I know! From the link:
“Some of my best friends are black (muslim).” Cuckservative circa Mad Men era. Cut 'n' paste makes exact quotes easy.
The good ones, that's the majority See previous link. In Fort Hood (another employer-mandated 'gun free zone', go figure) everyone thought ''Hey he's an Officer, an MD, a Psychiatrist, he's good!'' - until he wasn't.
You can start voting Republican!
Oh BTW, which President said “Islam is a religion of peace”? Democrat Bill Clinton, Republican George Bush the second or Democrat Barack Obama?
Where did that shooting occur? Oh, in California!. IOW, Minnesota politics with nicer weather. One state elected a movie action hero Governor, the other, a pro wrestler - six of one, half dozen of the other. And which state is more likely to have Black Hawk Down - LIVE!?
He was a fighter... ''We're fighting them over there, so we don't have to fight them over here!''. That's sure a winner of an idea isn't it? Where they are (even if you call them your friends) we have to fight them. You have to have the balls to say ''Sorry buddy, but those guys in California ruined it for you, well actually what happened on 9/11 or in Fort Hood ruined it for you. There are plenty of places to be muslim, but the USA ain't one of them. Try Saudi Arabia''
Best of luck, toodles!

Anonymous said...

And they killed a bunch of bureaucrats from one of said counties. Seems like they did us a favor.

Survivorman said...

I've heard - from various sources - that "only" 15-20% of Muslims are radicalized.
So that means 80% of them DON'T want to kill me. Fine.

But - ~20% of them DO want to kill me. I don't like those odds..

Bob Smith said...

"Non-radical" only means they aren't fervent enough in their worship of Allah to have the gumption to personally kill you. It does NOT mean they disagree with the motives and goals of those murdering in the name of Allah.