Thursday, December 03, 2015

"Muh Feelz" Uber Alles: Aka "I Just Solved Philadelphia's Poverty Problem"

A very real paradox I face is one where I can either sell the truth or sell lies.

Selling the truth has merits unto itself.  It's true, it will help advance society, and it is such a rare commodity that if you're willing to suffer the slings and arrows of the PC-Nazi's, media, death threats, doxxing, and general hate of the leftist population, you can charge a hefty premium for it because so few purveyors offer it.

However, whereas truth is in very short supply, the demand for lies outstrips any shortage of it.  And thus, while I could be one of the few suppliers of truth, there is an INFINITELY larger market for lies.  Only so many people demand a book on "male lifetime financial management."  Or a book about the hazards of worthless degrees.  But MILLIONS of women will fork over money for lies telling them how "big is beautiful."  And MILLIONS of men will fork over BILLIONS to have a web cam girl put on a show "just for them."  Additionally, in telling people lies you don't get death threats, "strikes" against your YouTube channel, or accusations of racism.  Matter of fact you are generally loved by the sheeple masses of the world and likely elected to become president.

So tell me again why they hell would you do something as stupid as market the truth?

Alas, I am increasingly tempted to become like Oprah.  Why work hard, doing economic research, mathematics, statistical analysis, and deep, thorough testing of logic to highlight and warn people about the real world threats that exist and could destroy their lives to simply "make ends meet?"  When I could:

Tell women they're great no matter what
Become a Harlequin romance author
Lie to youth telling them to follow their heart and the money will follow
Or advocate some leftist-ordained political cause

and make BILLIONS in the process?

Of course there is a moral answer and then the Machiavellian answer.  But regardless of which one I choose (perhaps both down the road), while debating this paradox I happened upon what is arguably one of the most important epiphanies in my life.  One that if understood by more would help not only advance the political debate we are having in this nation, but perhaps even solve it, raising millions out of poverty.  And that is "feelings" is the most powerful force in the world.

AKA "Muh feelz uber alles."

I happened upon this discovery while driving down Broad Street in the worst town I've ever driven through, Philadelphia.  And I'm not joking.  Philadelphia is hands down the worst town I ever drove through.  The reasons are multiple.

First, the town was built in the 1600-1700's meaning its streets were designed for horses, not trucks from Wisconsin.  This would be moot if they had leveled the old houses and replaced them with new ones, but alas, the "historic district" on the south east side of Philly is VERY nice, but nearly impossible to drive through.  Chicago, though more populous, is a JOY to drive through by comparison as the great Chicago fire leveled the old town, so it could be rebuilt during the dawn of the automobile.

Second, you just have too many damn people in too small of a space (but nobody there ever leaves Philly because they don't have cars and don't know about the "outside world")

But what really connected the dots and make me come to my epiphany was Broad Street.

Due to traffic I had head north and then come back down south to DT Philly via Broad Street.  Unbeknownst to me however, this was the "ghetto."  And while at first it just seemed like any ole regular run down part of a major metro down, as I approached Temple University it got worse

and worse

and even worse.

So bad was Broad Street that it made the South Side of Chicago and parts of Detroit look clean, and definitely preferable.  However, it wasn't the people or donks blaring rap music that made it so bad.  It was the state of disrepair the neighbodhood was in.

There were burned out buildings that had not been demolished or taken down.  There was garbage blowing in the street because people were littering constantly.  Worse, there were garbage bags just laying out in the open, both on the side walks and the streets.  And finally there was the occasional guy just sleeping in an abandoned lot or out in the open at 11AM.

In other words it wasn't the crime, or the graffiti, or the drugs that made it so bad.  It was the painfully blatant fact that the people of north Philly plain don't give enough of a f@ck to even clean up their own neighborhood.  They were walking, living, and sleeping in filth.  Shoot, even some businesses were still open in buildings that were partially burnt down.  It was no different than a 2nd or 3rd world hovel where you could just tell the people were so lazy, so dispirited they could not even do the most basic of things and simply clean up after themselves.

Now, no doubt anybody with an ounce of intellectual honesty and two brain cells can point to the primary cause of this.  Only the socialist policies of a city and neighborhood ran by democrats for the past 60 years can wreak this much havoc and devastation IN SPITE of receiving what is no-doubt billions in aid and taxpayer monies.  But what got me and made me realize this very important aforementioned epiphany is just what utterly deplorable and low standards of living these people tolerated.  And not just tolerated, but have been tolerating for decades.  Why would anybody, in the United States, when you can move anywhere you want, do whatever you want, endure this for a second, let alone decades?

It became apparent to me there was a VERY powerful force KEEPING them there. And that force was "their feelz."

The truth is residents of north Philly CHOOSE this outcome.  At any point in time they can move OR they can improve themselves.

How can they improve themselves?

Well, they can stop having kids out of wedlock.  They can stop having kids they can't afford.  They can stop committing crime. They can get good grades in K-12 and then go to college for STEM or the trades (Temple U is right there).  They can set down the booze and drugs and instead open up businesses.

Oh, and they can pick their shit up off the streets.

In short, it is not "whitey" holding them down or "patriarchy" or "evil republicans" making them leave garbage bags in the street.

It's their own damn fault.

But herein lays the problem.

I just literally solved north Philadelphia's poverty problem.  At any point in time the community can pursue a path of excellence, achievement, hard work, and entrepreneurship.  They could, if they wanted to, make Beverly Hills look like a ghetto.  And heck, if they did that, I would have just obsoleted the entire "social work" and "sociology" industries and fields.  But the problem is I committed the cardinal sin. I told them the truth.  And the truth "hurtz their feelz."  And remember...

"Muh feelz uber alles."

So strong is the power of feelings that millions would rather live in a shithole like north Philly than endure the minute or two of pain a truthful constructive criticism would provide.  Worse, even though in the long (heck, medium) run said painful truths would GREATLY improve their lives (if acted upon), they still will rebuke it because "muh feelz."  Alas, feelings (and consequently ego and pride) are such powerful forces, people would rather live in poverty, wasting their one and finite precious lives than hear the truth that would help them and set them free.  It makes you wonder if gravity is indeed the most powerful force in the universe. 

But as bad as this is it gets worse.  For the second part of my epiphany was one of true Machiavellian darkness. 

As it stands right now, we assume the likes of the left, Hillary Clinton, Barack Obama, the democrats, labor parties, Oprah, feminists, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton, professors, academians, and the entire stew of socialists advocate what they do either for charitable purposes, altruistic purposes, racial purposes, political purposes, or even purposes of hate and revenge.

But what if they came to this exact same epiphany I did ages ago?  What if the ruling elite knew "muh feelz" was the most powerful force in the world?  And worse, what if they amorally capitalized on it, KNOWINGLY lying to people simply so they could advance themselves?  You, me, and everybody else we know were steeped in a life philosophy of hard work, freedom, independence, and morality this idea may seem novel (as well as abhorrent).  But what if great grand father Clinton or the heads of the Ivy League knew people's feelings were the most powerful force on the planet, and simply pass on this hush-hushed wisdom that "to advance in society, lie to people, sell them down the river and blame other people.  Feelings and ego are so powerful, as long as you provide a scapegoat, the masses will support you?"

It would certainly explain a lot of what we see.

Of course my own personal opinion is that it varies from politician to celebrity to trust fund baby.

I truly believe Obama's motives are not based in profiting off of people's "feelz" but revenge and a genuine hatred of America and racism.

I truly believe Bernie Sanders is a true believer and is completely unconscious of how his policies directly result in north Philly being a shit hole.

But when it comes to the likes of Hillary, Oprah, Sharpton, feminists, the women's fashion industry, and the legions of spineless deans and professors in Academia there is no doubt in my mind these disgusting and vile people have no problems ruining the lives of millions all so they can profit off of it.

All I ask is for the citizens of north Philly and those who are perpetually "offended" by criticism is to

look at your neighborhood
ask if you deserve better
and entertain the theory that it is not the democrats' policies that are helping you

but are precisely what is keeping you down.
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MC said...

B-I-N-G-O, and Bingo was his name-o!

I would hazard that your Machiavellian revelation is, in fact, spot-on.

Bernie Sanders may be a true believer. Sanders voters may be true believers (then again, they may just be beaten down and/or lazy self-serving junkies sans work ethic).

Then again, Mr. Sanders may just be another puppet for his contributing string-pullers, who know damn good and well that they can do whatever they please as long as We The People have convenience food, cable TV, and something to make our brains go "sizzle".

The more dependent we become, the more they can get away with.

Oh, shit.

minuteman said...

I think if you took a look at west Africa, and North Philidelphia you would find they are exactly alike. There is a reason for that.

Also, If you have any spare time, why not write a Harlequin Romance and either self publish it or submit it to Harlequin? I bet you could do it. You have the experience with publishing books and you are quite a good writer. I have been following you for years, old cappy, and I have seen your writing skills get better all the time. Do it for the laughs, keep doing it foe the money.

Anonymous said...

Those are the neighborhoods unions and leftist political operatives drive buses through to offer $20 to hapless residents to fill rally and protest crowds or get to the voting booth. Spend a few bucks to get out the message and/or vote and line your and your cronies pockets with millions in taxpayer money to solve the "problem". Diabolically efficient and effective actually.

Anonymous said...

That is all.

Unknown said...

c said...

Aaron what brings you to Philadelphia? Are you doing any public speaking or appearances? As a temple grad who still lives around here, I had a laugh at your description, spot on.

Anonymous said...

So why did Rocky Balboa choose to stay in Philly? :)

Avid reader said...

I would definitely buy a Harlequin by you.

Communism Survivor said...

Socialists don´t want people to be better off. When people are better off, they don´t need the state to take care about them and they vote right.

sth_txs said...

Come'on Captain. It is politically incorrect to point out a culture's dysfunctional aspects. Especially if they are PPP (people of preferred pigmentation).

Anonymous said...

Part of the problem may be a lack of ownership. How may residents there actually OWN their homes? If you don't own it, you aren't invested in keeping it nice.

And if you own a tenement, you aren't likely to live there. The City is only going to investigate if there are gross complaints (which a donation might make go away). The dwellers there are going to vandalize it anyway, so why bother?

It's lose/lose for everyone!

Mark Matis said...

I bet you could write a Harlequin that would sell like tofu in the Big Craphole! I'm fairly sure you know exactly what buttons to push in order to draw the adulation of the SJWs who buy such things.

But ya better use a pen name that won't be recognized, or your book will be burned in the stores...

And I ain't kiddin' about that.

Mebbe something like "Fabian Faustolio"?

Unknown said...

Yeah, "socialism" is the reason Vermont is poverty stricken and crime ridden.

heresolong said...

My buddy and I rode our Harleys through "ghetto" Buffalo, NY a few years ago by accident. We were headed to the Anchor for Buffalo Wings and Google Maps told us the quickest way. It was as you describe Philadelphia.

Also, thanks for the reminder. I have been intending to buy a copy of Worthless for quite a while. I am a high school teacher (math, not one of the ones you dump on all the time) and want to read it to make sure it is appropriate to put a few copies in my school library.

Paulie @11:37 Vermont doesn't really have much socialism, just a socialist senator.

Anonymous said...

Sounds like Africa. How can you be so sure that socialism is the cause and not just a symptom?