Tuesday, December 29, 2015

"How Do I Math?"

The maths are hard.
Tee hee!  I'm a girl!
I just like working with children.
But aren't math numbers?  Why are their letters?
Tee hee!  I like the Kardashians!


Anonymous said...

It doesn't take math to know the weight of your own vehicle when you are a truck driver. This isn't a math problem. This is a total incompetence problem. She doesn't read signs. She doesn't know what her truck weighs.

Faithless Cynic said...

Driver held a CDL since 2015. Probably one of those quickie diploma mills that take your money and teach little. I think most women and most young men would drive across a bridge rated 5 tons with a vehicle this size. This comes from zero common sense and practical experience. Meanwhile, a grizzled old fart of 60 who has worked as a professional driver cannot get hired. Enjoy that freaking decline!

I am very glad that my remaining life span is about 20 years. I can enjoy the schadenfraude.

Survivorman said...

Unfortunately, DWS (Driving While Stupid) is still not a crime.
Lucky this ditz didn't KILL someone driving that 30 ton rig..

grey enlightenment said...

and 'I support the troop' lol

cdw said...

I bet she did the math, 30 tons divided by 5 axles equals 6 tons, just like the sign said!!

Anonymous said...

Read Milo's hilarious smackdown of 'fem steering', this fits right in:


"Its effects are dramatic and visually arresting, they report: crumpled bumpers, crippled cyclists and petrified passengers screaming: “Mommy, why are you driving us into the wall?!”"