Monday, December 07, 2015

Western Civilization is in the Hands of Women...Heaven Help Us


If you are a sane, normal person, void of OTC drugs and other mind altering substances, an increasingly frequent phenomenon you may have noticed is one where (typically) leftist women are the victims of their own rabid endorsement of multiculturalism.

The rapes in Sweden can be disproportionately blamed on women voting left.
The rape rings in the UK, same thing.
Refugee rape in Germany, again, women's bleeding hearts resulting in leftist policies that brought them there.
And particularly confusing is when activist women (no doubt of the leftist stripe) are raped or sexually assaulted but refuse to report it because they love their political ideology/religion more than they hate being raped. 

It is confusing because to those of us with just average intelligence (not to mention, self-respect) we can't understand why women vote to ruin their lives, home countries, and economies, not to mention are so wedded to their leftist politics they would rather be raped and enslaved than betray their commitment to multiculturalism.

Now there are many possible explanations for this self-hating, self-destructive behavior.  Perhaps these women deep down inside hate Western Civilization so much they'd rather be raped, and maybe even view that as fighting "evil white male, Eurocentric patriarchy."  Perhaps these people are cowards, see the writing on the wall, know Western Civilization won't make it, and kowtow like cuckolds to what they perceive to be their future overlords.  Maybe it's crusaderism combined with the allure of bad boys, prompting young girls to join ISIS even if it means their inevitable death.  Or perhaps, deep down inside it's nothing more than good ole fashioned "rape fantasies" influencing the way they vote.

The truth is, it doesn't matter.  Because no matter which way you slice it, it simply boils down to...



Regardless of the reason women vote to destroy themselves and Western Civilization, it doesn't change the fact that they just simply do.  The rest of us must accept and adapt to this fact.  And call it "democracy," call it "women's suffrage," call it "empowerment," it's nothing more than a euphemism for "betrayal."  And the reason it is betrayal is because women are (disproportionately) voting for two key things that go against Western Civilization:

1.  Socialism
2.  Multiculturalism

When it comes to socialism I've covered this before, but women, in general vote for more state control.  They vote for socialism.  And while many of them do so out of the naivety of "it's to help the poor/children/old/etc.," it is is a slap in the face to the immeasurable and ultimate price millions of people paid to bring Western Civilization about.  Quite simply, the history of the world has been a horrible and costly struggle to free people from the tyranny of government.  Going back to the warlord tribal chieftains, to the theocracies falsely claiming to represent "god," to the fiefdoms where the "king" was supported by a slave class of serfs, to wars waged against slavery and nazism, hundreds of millions of lives were wasted, destroyed, committed, and dedicated to bringing about a limited republic permitting the people to govern themselves.  And women (along with some cowardly little men), in a short 60 years of spoiled-brat-laden feminism have been able to undo what took about 4,000 years to create.  It is arguably the single largest setback to human advancement since the bubonic plague. 

When it comes to multiculturalism, here women's naivety betrays us all again.  With child-like thinking "I feel the democrats/left/labor is for the little guy" they consciously vote in socialism, while unconsciously inviting the Dracula of "Multiculturalism" into our homes.  And this is not necessarily bad if you consider cultures conducive and generally on board with the base principles of Western Civilization.  Asians, East Indians Europeans, etc.  These are peoples and cultures generally for freedom, innovation.  Even self-respecting, independent minded individuals from other non-western-compliant cultures reject their original cultures, demand better, and become doctors, dentists, physicists, entrepreneurs, etc. (for example no doubt many of you know of an Iranian who escaped Ayatollah Khomeini to lead a successful life here).  But to wholesale out the best thing on this planet in the pursuit of marxism and multiculturalism by importing those who not only refuse to participate in Western Civilization but

go on welfare
commit terrorist attacks
and advocate Sharia law over the constitution

is tantamount to treason.

But these two specific acts that would make Judas jealous are further steeped in a general stew of betrayal that plagues Western Civilizatoin.  And that is one where women have replaced fathers and husbands with government programs and checks.  And in doing so (admittedly, likely unconsciously) killed the engine of economic growth and innovation that made Western Civilization great.  They took away men's reason for living.  They took away their purpose and agency in life.  They gave them nothing more to live for than merely to be the hosts to parasites they themselves have become, not to mention the new ones they constantly invite in.  And thus they have immobilized men.

When you take the fact women are voting to undo all that men have worked for


are voting to bring in other cultures that want to kill, parasite off of, or just plain destroy Western Civilizatoin


won't report getting raped by the enemy because "diversity"


WILL make false rape accusations against Western men because "patriarchy"

precisely how many knives do you plan to impale into the backs of Western men before they give up?

Of course this is already happening.   Men are postponing marriage.  Men are also majoring in increasingly worthless fields.  Consequently they are also unable to earn the money necessary to start a family.  Which is alright, seeing most women don't want to start a family until they're 43, if that.  The result, however, is (hilariously) what young women complain the most about today.  That there aren't any "real men" around any more as they're all too busy looking at porn and playing video games while living at home with their parents (perhaps that's the underlying Freudian reason women don't protest too much about all these "Syrian" "refugees" being young, fighting age men, as well as seem reluctant to report it when they're getting raped by them.)  Regardless,  how can you blame them?  The men of society (as well as some women) are so deterred by having no country, culture, family or agency worth living for, it has resulted in an increasing catatonic state that explains why economic growth has been tanking since we started replacing them with the government.
Just One Problem

While no doubt many real men, not to mention many real women are infuriated by this betrayal, what's worse is the utter helplessness they feel. Most likely you too have felt this helplessness as your brain evaluates all your options, thinking, hoping there's something, anything you can do to help save this country and turn it around.

Perhaps you could write a blog?
Maybe you'd start a political campaign?
Maybe you yell into the internet via a YouTube channel?
Write your congressman?
What about forming a militia?

But if there's a bit of practicum to this post it's that you should not concern yourself with these things.  There is nothing you can do.

Understand that since we have devolved into a democracy it is the majority rules.  And while there has always been a percentage of men who were idiots, voting to undo what their forefathers desperately fought for, women (be it nature, biology, feminism, hate, ignorance or what have you) consistently vote for socialism and tyranny.  This makes the American (and Western Civilization) voting blocs fatedly leftist, guaranteeing a slow, but inevitably slouch towards socialism and the fringe benefits of multiculturalism, thought police, CSR, and political correctness that comes with it.  You may be tempted to think about resorting to violence, perhaps even starting a second American revolution, but what would the point be?  Western voters ARE getting EXACTLY what they voted for, and you would actually be the tyrant trying to force a minority view on the majority.  Alas, your hands are tied in nearly every capacity as the people simply want none of it.

The key is to let go and simply enjoy the life you have.  You cannot control that the participants of Western Civilization want to commit suicide.  You cannot convince the brainwashed Millennials about the risks of government debt.  You cannot convince women that happiness is not in their careers or a government check, but in family and loved ones.  You cannot convince porn addicted, video game-playing, red jean wearing hipster "men" about the merits of being manly.  And you certainly can't convince leftist women whose hatred for Western Civilization is so great, they'd prefer to be raped by the scum they let in.

It is the end of Western Civilization and these people will CERTAINLY get theirs in the end.  But for those of you who are sane, have a bit of morality left about you, and want to make the most of your time on this planet before you pass away, may I strongly recommend you enjoy the decline instead of fretting over it?

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Frank said...

Women's inherent biological tendencies have been allowed to enter politics, the broader economy and policy making. Throughout history every feminized society has collapsed under its own decadent weight. Its in women's nature to always want more even though they put no to very little skin in the game. They are herd like by nature and fall prey to leftist ideology which makes its living off of pandering to the weak in society and galvanizing them with herd like slogans "Change you can believe in," "Forward" (communist code word).

Its everyone's fault, both men and women. Men down the line lost their strength in keeping women's natural hypergamy in check and now have let it run rampant. The mess in the economy and in the Western world for that matter is a direct result in this loss of leadership by men. It has created a vacuum now for draconian policies since women always look to some sort of 'master' for their livelihood.Sadly, that master can come in the form of tyranny and can be accepted. Just look at 50 Shades of Grey and how women couldn't wait to get their hands down on the book and on themselves about it. Its in women's fantasy and nature to be dominated by a powerful force whether it be a man or government taking his place.

Christoph Dollis said...

Hi Aaron. Your list of explanations is missing, by far, the most powerful one:

Men evolved to protect the perimeter against males from other (mainly patriarchal) tribes (chimps do the same). Having women make decisions about the perimeter is results in what we see. They, for the most part, care about resources and smoothing conflict over. They evolved to fill that role. Women were frequently taken captive by (or in some cases traded to) other groups, and so they evolved to smooth things over with distant groups (whereas their male kinfolk were simply killed; see the Bible, Book of Numbers, Chapter 31).

So, women tend to vote for resource redistribution and being nice to everybody (including those who aren't in their group).

Peregrine John said...
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Anonymous said...

Keep preaching it, Mr. Clary. Women have value and women have power and it is best used properly and traditionally. Giving women the vote was a huge error and shame on the men that were cow-towed into submission and allowed it.

Women voted in Mr. I Feel Your Pain President Blowjob and they voted in our latest fiasco of a president, too - not once but TWICE for both of these clowns!!!

Putting women in all positions in the military??? That was women "fighting" for that, too. I'll bet you dollars to donuts not a one of these women fighting for the equal rights ever served their country.

The things that make you shake your head. P.S. I am a woman and I approve this comment and your post.

Anonymous said...

First of all, while you are correct that it would be unwise to attempt to capture and govern the country as a whole, there is no reason to adopt that particular arbitrary set of borders. For example, in Oklahoma 2/3rds of women vote against socialism consistently. So you could at least in theory win a revolution at the local/state level or even basically everything except a few large urban cores, and have the overwhelming support of the people in the controlled territory.

Second, if the women don't care if they are raped, I'm not sure why we should. Objectively, it is at most a minor inconvenience, and if I had been raped, I don't think it would ever reach the top 10 worst things to happen to me in a given month.

Anonymous said...

Quite right. The switch-hitting gender politics has poisoned the well - and the response of the MSN is telling!

Of course, despite appearances, not all homosexuality in nature is "wrong" and much of it involves Christians. For example, if a prominent monarchist were to for example "marry" his life long loving partner, and keep a gaggle of young lads who are experimenting with their sexuality - would you throw a stone? I think not. Biblical precedents and all that.

If polygamists DID involve for example members of their distant family in the marriage bed - all above board? Well, probably if they followed the Old Testament!

I am not sure why you cant see that religion binds up to our Lord and love itself - and if the law recognises Christian and Muslim marrying into a joint religion where common goals are shared in loving matrimony - we would be a lot better off!

I know for example a Priest who has wed a young chap and theres no ructions in the congregation =- and thats on the North Shore of Sydney! It takes all kinds. Many women would not agree though and its mainly the cause of much angst amongst the female types...

victor said...

Aaron I always felt that there was something wrong about things.

It was your blog/videos with the help of other resources that opened my eyes
Here in Argentina the Socialist BS is all over the place.
Jobs provided from the State
And parasites in general(the +60% of the population)

Now that I know what was the thing that went wrong I get angry and sad in the inside.

I think I must accept it, like you said. No possible solutions.

Keep writing and filming man. Cheers

TroperA said...

There isn't much that we can do except stock up on goods and ammo and look after our own families. The r-selected Rabbit People will eventually destroy our system (via their parasitism and their failing to do the things that maintain said system.)

The very idea of women in combat is a joke. Wasn't the pregnancy rate of women on a combat-rated sub like 77 percent or something like that? Pregnancy is a nice "get out of combat free" ticket for those female soldiers hearing the bombs fall and getting cold feet. Also, imagine if you're some low SMV woman and you get assigned to a group of buff, burly men who haven't seen a real woman in months. Do you think you wouldn't ride as many of those dudes as you could, now that you've finally got a crack at acquiring some decent high SMV Alpha genes? (The government will ship you to the States and give you full bennies if you squeeze out a Soldier Baby, so no worries about how to take care of the sprog.)

Anonymous said...


'Reality' Doug said...

The practical response is exactly right. However, neo-masculinity is wrong. Betrayal is a cultural construct. Women do not have cultural constructs in their minds or brains. Stop thinking of women as variants of men. Mentally they are a different species. In terms of cooperative value, they are not just inferior, they are 'pernicious', but if you invite a chimpanzee to a tea party, what the f do you expect from a wild animal? Pretend all the f you want, fools, with your average intelligence and denial of the blooming obvious. The correct assumptions make the confusion disappear. Women << Men. Say it. SAY IT!

sestamibi said...

"It was always the women, and above all the young ones, who were the most bigoted adherents of the Party, the swallowers of slogans, the amateur spies and nosers-out of unorthodoxy."

-- George Orwell, "Nineteen Eighty-Four"

fatmanjudo said...

So much nihilism. You suffer because you are a materialist and the god of the marketplace is only a golden calf and not supernatural. Unfortunately, we are near the bottom phase of the turning wheel. Old lessens must be relearned. Bad debt will be written off, contracts - financial as well as societal - breached. Ancient wars fought to re-establish borders. The Phoenix is an enduring symbol for a reason. The "Gods of the Copybook Headings" are always amused.

While its nice to blame the women for the West's current insanity, one good question to ask is:
"when more women enter a field, it means less men did, and if the men stopped going there, where did they go? Why did they leave? I assume they aren't home with the kids, right?"

The answer is:

ES3 said...

I think the fact that 75+% of immigrants are young men comes into play here. How would the ladies respond if this were an influx of young girls and women predominantly? The female mating strategy is to have more men competing so a woman's relative value increases. They also have no worries when it comes to reproduction, the socialist state is the Big Man now, there is no reason for them to prefer a Dad over a Cad. Traditional Western Men are fighting for fewer spots just when lots of of hungry, swarthy, virile youfs come to tempt the bored European ladies with spicy diversity. The European man will pay ever increasing taxes to support his sister's Syrian kids' free health and education services, until it all breaks. He will have played many video games. Godspeed the break.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if women's attitudes aren't just the outgrowth of the hatred of their fathers. Think of how so many families have been broken by divorce in the past 50 years. All of these women are consciously or subconsciously angry at men. Then women avoid marriage and sleep around. This creates more hatred against men because their subconscious mind is screaming out that sleeping around and avoiding marriage is the wrong thing. Their anger causes them to emasculate men. And deep down they want a strong man who leads. That leads them to be even more angry because they don't even want the emasculated men they helped create. I am a woman and I had a high powered career and 6 figure income prior to getting married. But I figured it out in my late 20's and got married and had kids. I would say that being married to a good man and having my two wonderful sons is the most joyful and fulfilling part of my life. I wish more women would figure this out and I wish more men would be strong leaders, regardless of the messages from society.

Passer by said...

Comment 2

Additionally, there is higher marrying out rate (or you can also call it a traitor rate) among females. The majority of those who are marrying out and joining other cultures are females, 75 percent of converts to Islam in Britain and the US are females, as well as the vast majority of whites who mix with blacks. In more male dominated societies, such as Israel, or western countries in the past, marrying out is/was illegal or is very rare. In the past, when western countires were more patriarchal and xenophobic, anti-miscegenation laws were wide spread. Miscegenation is popular in societies with high level of female influence.

Married women (those influenced by men), tend to vote to the right, unmarried women – to the left. In the US, 70 percent of unmarried women voted for Obama, while the majority of married women voted against Obama. Therefore a society with high marriage rate will tend to be more right wing. If you want to make society more left wing, you should definitly try to get rid of marriage.

For every five men in a far right party you will be lucky to see one woman. You will see lots of women in pro-refugee/pro-immigration groups though.

Have a look at pro-immigration demonstration (lots of women)

and anti-immigration demonstration (very few women)

The majority of those who vote for diversity, multiculturalism, and left wing parties are women. You will often hear the phrase “women and minorities” or the accusation of “racism and sexism”, of "male privilege and white privilege". Those things always go together. Why? Because women pay only 30 percent of taxes, but receive the vast majority of welfare, pensions and medical care, and benefit from diversity quotas/affirmative action, so they often support other parasitic groups and often work together with them to expand the welfare state and affirmitive action/diversity policies.

Basically, most women and minorities have similar (parasitic) behavior and similar (more government, more quotas, more taxes, more welfare, more "give me, give me") goals. They also both fear potential white male violence (hence their joint calls for "tolerance", "acceptance", etc.). So basicaly white men are getting used and are getting owned by a coaltion of their own women working together with minorities. White men are like fresh meat, that has only one purpose – it exists for others to use and consume.

There is corelation between the level of female influence in first world societies and the third-worldization of those societies. You will see the opening of borders and the spread of low IQ immigrants in the most feminist societies, such as Sweden, Norway, Canada, Britain, the US, Germany, etc. Have a look at Sweden – the most feminized country on the planet – it accepted much more refugees per capita than Germany itself. It is number 1 in Europe for accepted refugees per capita. And many people are calling Germany crazy for taking lots of muslim refugees. Well, Sweden is even crazier than Germany.

The xenophobic and anti-immigration countries are those with no feminism, and lower levels of female influence, such as Israel (in many ways Israel is culturally similar to the US from the 60-s), the Eastern European countries, both poor and rich arab countries, Japan, Korea, Taiwan, China, etc.

Men are the immune system of sociey. They react against invaders and parasitism, women in general don’t. If you want to destroy certain group, destroy it’s immune system. Just like HIV destroys an immune system. Then various bacteria moves in and then the body dies.

Anonymous said...

I mention this if I need a date to end promptly. I might add... our most intelligent women are not reproducing... thus we are fairly rapidly becoming a stupid population.

Anonymous said...

Its because they don't have FATHERS, captain! Thats why they seek security, a protector. But just as much as men want free sex, that doesn't mean all women should open their pussy and allow unwanted children, who will grow up resenting not being loved by a man and will become prostitues. Or leftists.

Anonymous said...

I'd say it's the vilification of masculine values, morals and instincts.

The mainstream morality is now a female morality. It makes us weak and prevents us from voicing opinions of masculine character, because those opinions will be immediately attacked as immoral.

Try to say publicly that you are glad that immigrants drown at sea and those that make it should be shot or immediately deported, because they are clearly the enemy.