Friday, July 03, 2020

Cappy is Moving from Patreon to Subscribestar

Patreon, like nearly every other Silicon Valley company, sent me a lecturing e-mail about BLM, privilege, etc. etc. etc.  That I understand.  You're paying your danegeld, your marketing majors know nothing but virtue signaling, like Hollywood you're fresh out of ideas and are regurgitating what your professors told you in the 00's was "cutting edge" marketing.

But I will not tolerate genuine racism where you (Patreon) are encouraging employees to donate money to black content producers AND are giving preferential traffic treatment to black content producers.

Thankfully, Patreon is not a monopoly and Subscribestar (a Russian company) is a competitor that just wants to make money and isn't going to lecture me.  Nor is it going to be bigoted giving preferential treatment to some over others.  And so that's why I decided to move, because I have self-respect and standards.

For all my Patreon donors, please download all the content you want from my Patreon account which I will leave up until July 15th.  Then, if you kindly would, consider supporting me on Subscribestar.  I will be uploading "Behind the Paywall" content there such as "The Road Trip Podcast," Marijo's pinups, and "Sanity is the Future of Wealth" at the same completely unreliable schedule I always was.

I'm sorry to do this to all of you who took the time to subscribe to me before.  It seems big tech and Silicon Valley are making it a part of daily life where people have to constantly move platforms, censor and edit themselves, set up new usernames and passwords, etc., all because these (predominantly) Gen X "leaders" put politics ahead of people, virtue signaling over viable business practices.  But someday, there will be enough competition in this big tech/content creator world that Patreon, YouTube, Facebook, etc., will have alienated too many people or censored so many there is nobody left.  And then maybe, someday, we adults can have an adult conversation, uninterrupted without worrying about some thought-police nanny-nazi sticking their damn noses in every sentence and word we utter to each other.

See you on Subscribestar and as always...

Enjoy the Decline!

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Anonymous said...

I think conversatives and libertarians should create their own video and social media platform to not be demonatized by liberal social media platforms such as Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. They continue to express their views people hate but need to hear with liberals threatening their source of income. It is good thing Mr. Clarey has enough resources so he speak the harsh truth without being silenced. I amazed the mainstream Left had not come after Mr. Clarey yet.