Monday, July 13, 2020

The Reject/Left Over Marriage Market

It's like the produce section has been picked over:

"The pool of people available for an LTR becomes more and more dominated by those who are not good prospects for an LTR. Once you get into your fifties there might be an influx of “fresh blood” in the forms of women and men who’s first partner died young, but it does little to better the outcomes in aggregate. This is why you often see older men marrying younger women, because the pool of women age 20 – 30% has not yet been hit with the full force of self-selection. It is for this same reason that some of the older gents I talk to often complain of slim-pickings in their own age group."


SM777 said...

Long term relationships with women over 50? Why?

Tucanae Services said...

"Long term relationships with women over 50? Why?"

Well after going thru 4 divorces and collecting all that alimony; if she played her cards right her asset figures should in the high six figures. Might as well become the gigilio you always wanted to be.

Older and Wiser said...

SM777 said...
Long term relationships with women over 50? Why?

That's what first popped into MY mind, too?

It reminds me of something I read a long time ago: “For a man, modern relationships are a lot like yard sales: from a distance things look great; but after a while you realize that it’s just a lot of crap that you don’t need.
Besides, do you really want to pay for something some other guy put out on the street?”

Matt FreeMatt said...

Cappy, there aren't enough widows and widowers out there to make this any way appealing to most men that are open to marriage.

SM777 said...

Tucanae Services Good Point! But if her ass figures are somewhere in the high sixes, well, I just don't want to go blind.