Monday, July 13, 2020

Up to 28% of American Women Have Children from More Than One Man

Crocodile tears for all those women who have to drop off their babies with their respective baby daddies and the multiple families they now are forced to interact with.

"As the statistics show in the example of the Nordic countries, as a country becomes more egalitarian, this affects divorce rates, single parent households and female choice. The recycling of men into second and third groups of children with different women, something that has also become a trend in the United States where up to 28% of women have children by more than one man, in a form of reproductive mixed market, is perhaps facilitated more through the generous Nordic Welfare states. [18, 19]
A researcher states in a Jezebel article
“And Dorius herself went even further, saying that multipartner fertility isn’t just a byproduct of inequality, but an engine of it: “Juggling all the different needs and demands of fathers in at least two households, four or more pairs of grandparents, and two or more children creates a huge set of chronic stressors that families have to deal with for decades.”” [20]"


Kraemer said...

Yes, it's that hard to find a man and stick with him.

Unknown said...

Beware the single mom, my son!
The jaws that bite! The claws that catch!
-With apologies to Jabberwocky

SimonJester said...

I don't suppose these numbers have been broken down ethnically...?

Bruce said...

From the way it’s worded they seem to be saying "28% of ALL American women...." not "28% of American women who have children....".

So, presumably, the percentage of women WITH children who have had children from more than one man is higher?

Cucks, the natural resource that America will never run out of.

Tony Trucano said...

I just wanted to post a hypergamy observation here.
In my city, we have two crazy guys who claim to be ninjas. One is a lean 9/10 looks guy and the other is a heavyset 3/10 looks guy. Guess which one has 6 baby mamas?

Maniac said...

Lezebel posted that last part? Is that a red horse I see in the sky?

Anonymous said...

This kind of takes the incentive out of being a father. I don't think that women have any idea of what they are messing with.

Anonymous said...

The whores lament.

Un Americano said...

1. Ask for 'It.'
2. Get 'It.'
3. Regret 'It.'
4. Goto 1

Anonymous said...

Tony, what kind of town do you live in that there are seven fat ugly ninjas running around.