Monday, July 20, 2020

Why Girls Slash Your Tires

And while you're at it, make sure girls DON'T slash your tires by reading this book.


Anonymous said...

You’re a pathetic man Aaron.

Anonymous said...

No, june would never in a million years think of doing something like that to Ward Cleaver. It would make him really mad. Today, women think that they can completely crush men and there are no consequences. Then, I think they understood that if they let him down easy, it would be better for the next girl that came along. I think that they lost that somewhere.

Chuck Martel said...

I guess during my dating years I did everything wrong? Only dated one pseudo-psycho woman, who ditched me before I could ditch her. No woman I dated/gf slashed my tires after a breakup, of course one of the gf's I dated showed up at a party I was at with another dude. Sucked for me at the time, but found out she's now divorced, and old. Karma, ying/yang, life, has a way of working out over time. Many times in my dating, career, and just life, losing turned out to be winning.