Tuesday, July 07, 2020

Why Men Should Always Hide Their Power Level

Boys, you NEVER let a woman know:

you have money
you have a great career, or
you have assets/wealth

And you NEVER envy the popular or famous.

You hide your real wealth, power, and income, and you never seek fame, status, or prestige.

You are a poor, lower-middle income schlep who can barely get by and are beset by the same financial problems all your friends are.  You comment how you are happy you "made rent" that month, and cancel dates at the last moment because "it's just not in the budget."  And you just keep stacking coins unbeknownst to everybody else. 

You are not just the millionaire next door, you are the unknown millionaire taking her out for coffee as she criticizes you used-subcompact car, your average clothes, and your minimalist apartment.

Because if you flash your cash, brag about your "six figs," or dare to become famous or super wealthy, this is the result.

Now buy this freaking book below and make your financial life a hell of a lot easier.


And when you're done reading that book, for you younger boys out there, read this book next.


You can thank me later when you're sitting pretty and debating whether to retire at 40 or keep working.


Steve said...

So we should act like you are in real life? Got it.

Shannon_Entropy said...

Fame, high social status and money get you laid... so are advising us guys to HIDE any of that should we be fortunate enough to possess any of those ??

Playing poor is a one-way ticket to Incel-ville so count me out, Cappy !!

p.s. I'm a retired Boomer who's learned the hard way that Free Sex is the most expensive kind, so since my wife of 31 yrs passed away last year now it's P4P [ Pay-for-Play a/k/a varieties of prostitution ] only for me. A hot 20-something escort or stripper isn't cheap, but in the long run they're a *lot* cheaper than a wife or GF

Post Alley Crackpot said...

Nota bene: Johnny Depp and Amber Heard are still married in the court of celebrity status.

They cannot do without each other for the drama that causes them to reappear within the popular press, and it appears to be very likely that they would cease to be celebrities if it weren't for these highly dramatic interludes.

Adding the dramatis personae of one mega-billionaire EM, one debauched starlet CD, and who knows who else merely makes the drama carry better across a wide range of media outlets.

Do you honestly believe that either of them has a real acting future that's based on their professional merits?

I suspect Johnny Depp will get roles in part because of certain Hollyweird types feeling sorry for the public airing of personal grievances he's had to endure.

The same goes for Amber Heard.

But as for your "cautionary tale" which amounts to choosing not to being Johnny Depp, it reminds me of something that George Orwell wrote as an essay in 1946.

"A heretic -- political, moral, religious, or aesthetic -- was one who refused to outrage his own conscience. His outlook was summed up in the words of the Revivalist hymn: Dare to be a Daniel / Dare to stand alone / Dare to have a purpose firm / Dare to make it known

To bring this hymn up to date one would have to add a 'Don't' at the beginning of each line.

The Orwell piece was called "The Prevention of Literature".

This is why you are not yet in Management.

Your oft-repeated stance has everything about it except for any semblance of managing anything.

Default to the mean! Don't get noticed! Don't dare to be a Daniel!

Watch out for the guards! Don't get caught with contraband!

When exactly did you choose to live in a concentration camp of your own design?

jay said...

The inverse Max Bialystock. (I dunno if this scene was a part of the "new" Producers. Never saw it. But Mel Brooks' 1967 original....w/ Zero Mostel and a young Gene Wilder....is a classic.


Paul, Dammit! said...

Shannon_entropy- I concur w/the 2nd half, as a Gen x'er. My foreign-born wife of 20-ish years and I had the same talk about p4p if she goes first. "That's probably the best way to go." (Her words).

I disagree slightly w/ Cap re: militant minimalism, but absolutely agree with 95% of his views. I'm not a minimalist except when I wish to be, and while I'd encourage anyone to adopt his minimalist hierarchy of needs, being able to indulge my own hierarchy of wants without suffering for it suits my own particular personality, and at the end of the day, individual happiness is a YMMV thing.

hv said...

You are a poor, lower-middle income schlep who can barely get by and are beset by the same financial problems all your friends are. You comment how you are happy you "made rent" that month, and cancel dates at the last moment because "it's just not in the budget."

Uhm, no. It's one thing to not flaunt excessive wealth (and it's not like most men are in that position, anyway).. but to pretend you're "a poor, lower-middle schlep who care barely get by" is a way to never, ever get any woman to date you or have sex with you. Women are extremely vicious when it comes to their hypergamy and are highly selective so unless a man is extremely good looking and an amazing body with good dick size to make up for his perceived lack of social status and money, you are dooming men to never attract any women and live as incels.

Anonymous said...

Interesting... that is the same advice that we give to our daughter.

Unknown said...

My life dream, be rich to look poor...

Bill said...

Well in a society that scorns meritocracy and excellence (sometimes violently attacking it) not looking like a target is the best option.

APL said...

I think Cappy's advice should be don't flaunt any wealth because you will attract gold diggers who may very well be sociopaths. So the moral of the story is to do interesting things, stay in shape, be outgoing (all non-incel things btw) and pay very special attention to her reactions when you drive that older but well maintained car, or comment that you had to scrimp to pay the rent. Because her reaction to suggesting a cheaper place for a date will tell you a lot about the woman.