Thursday, July 02, 2020

Patreon May Be Bleeding Clients to Subscribestar

So there's no way to tell if this is indeed what's happening, but after Patreon put out it's utterly predictable "letter from the CEO" about how they were going to encourage employees to donate to POC's patreon accounts, donate to BLM and the NAACP, etc. etc., naturally this perturbed white Patreon members (or in general, just principled Patreon members) as it is the bonafide definition of racism.  It may be euphemistically called "affirmative action," but if a company ever came out and said, "we're encouraging employees to donate to white patreon members" the world would throw a hissyfit. 

Subscribestar is the natural second choice, but when I signed up for it, I got a message that account approval is delayed because they are being flooded with new requests.

This could be because of the virus and people setting up online profiles.  It could be because paywalled-content creation is a booming industry.  But I cannot help but think Patreon being the literal definition of racist (no matter how "well-intended") was too much, even for bend-over, amicable, guilty white people to tolerate.

Assuming my profile is approved, you will be able to find my subscribestar account here.  I will be moving all my content from Patreon to Subscribestar and inevitably closing down my Patreon account.  So for those of you who are subscribed to me on Patreon - thank you very much - BUT DOWNLOAD ALL THAT SHIT NOW before I take the site down.  And if you would kindly move your subscription from Patreon to Subscribestar once my account is approved.

Many thanks!


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