Friday, November 09, 2007

Free Swan Blog...and Find Yourself a Husband

As some of you know my buddy Pete Swanson was sent to Iraq, but what I didn't know was that in Iraq blogger is blocked. Thus I got an e-mail from him asking me to make a post for him, which is the least I can do. So here is his post;

Banned, Challenged, and Oprah's Book Club

One of my favorite topics (some would say obsession)
is the American Library Association's "Banned Books
Week." Read samples of my work


and here.

So I was surprised to read this story

about Oprah Winfrey removing _The Education of Little
Tree_ from her recommended reading list.

"I am surprised, of course, that Winfrey would
recommend it," says Lorene Roy, president of the
American Library Association. "Besides the questions
about the author's identity, the book is known for a
simplistic plot that used a lot of stereotypical

Excuse me ALA? Why aren't you condemning Oprah for
"banning" a book by a guy who wrote segregationist
speeches for Gov. George Wallace? Does the ALA
believe that only concerned parents and taxpayers can
be guilty of book banning?

Blogger is still blocked in Iraq. Where is the ALA
when we really need them? Free SwanBlog!
On a side note ladies, Pete is not only a blogger extraordinaire and kettle bell lifter, but a major in the US Army as well as a professional corporate attorney, debate coach for youths, and solid hard working conservative. He also happens to be single, which to this day is the 8th wonder of the world.

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