Saturday, November 03, 2007

Whole Mess of Charts

I usually end my day late at night at the bar and because my schedule is somewhat hectic, I don't get around to reading The Economist much. So I bring The Economist into the bar and am able to read up on it there. Of course this draws attention, rolling eyes and some of the younger staff claim I shall never get a girl by reading The Economist at a bar. Regardless if I see an article or chart I like in The Economist I rip it out and save. Now that the Captain has one whole day off, I've decided to clean and came across a bunch of old articles I ripped out and figured it would be a waste to just throw them away
without posting the charts, so here they are;

Just to show you the level of the liquidity crunch that has occurred, I think this is the best chart that demonstrates that, instead of people trying to explain it via words;

I don't know how many times I have to beat the drum on this one. When ignorant fools come in and tell me that corporations are all powerful and own everything, then please tell me why they haven't exercised their power to lower their own tax rates here in the US? Also, gee whillikers schucks howdy, imagine that Ireland is at the bottom again. Why, oh why, does Ireland keep growing so fast?

I thought it was bad in the US. Remind me not to move to Switzerland...then again, I don't think the Swiss has the same subprime culture we do here in the US.

Again, how much more empirical proof do you need that capitalism works?


Anonymous said...

Actually, one of the ranking Dem's recently proposed dropping corporate income tax from 35% to 31%.

Doesn't necessarily mean the corporations convinced him to do it. I'm sure he doesn't take their money in donations.

Captain Capitalism said...

Smart democrats have existed in the past.

Paul E. Zimmerman said...

That's the Rangel plan. It's bait and switch, "pay-go" bullcrap. Repealing the AMT is supposed to mean repealing it, not replacing the "cost" to the government by shifting the burden to individual filers.

I want to know about the proposal to establish a system under which one can opt in to a flat tax or remain under the current code. I saw a tidbit about that somewhere... anyone?

Anonymous said...

Dont wory the amero is comming and they can write it all off.