Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Why the Republicans Will Win the Presidency in 2008

I am fully confident now that whoever the Republicans tender as their candidate for president, they will win. And I base this opinion on two things;

1. Hillary is entitled to the nomination and no amount of common sense or strategy is going to convince democrat caucus goers otherwise. The power brokers of the democrat party are all pro-Hillary (just like all the Republican power brokers in the past were all pro-Bush) and no matter how flawed she is, she is going to get the nomination (though I think Barack deserves it more).

2. Hillary is unelectable to the masses, which to the democrats dismay is not them.

The only reason I recently came to the conclusion of number 2 is this jim dandy chart from The Economist right here;




19% honesty and morality?

The worst, the absolute worst thing to the Republicans the democrats could do is nominate Obama.

Which they won't.

Because (despite me disagreeing with him on every policy) I believe him to be an honest man and to the democrat power brokers he isn't "black enough."

Enjoy your own undoing.


Anonymous said...

I read another chart on Hillary that says she can't get above 49% of the vote, because 51% of the public despises her. She has no margin for error.

Anonymous said...

your own highlights of hillary's flaws point to Huckabee's morality and honesty ratings (highest) as the winner?

That would be good in my opinion since he is a supporter of the fair tax. I don't recall ever seeing your stance on the fair tax, care to opine?

Keep up the great work!

Anonymous said...

You think that a Republican can win although the economy will tank? I don't think that an incumbent party can win an election under bad economic circumstances. Even more so because Rudy will more and more present himself as a Dubya 2.0 to secure the fundamentalist votes in his party.

Anonymous said...

Ha! It seems as though Huckabee is the anti-Hillary. Would a Huckabee v. Hillary matchup be the Republican's best hope? I wonder.

Anonymous said...

What if the Republicans nominate Guliani? He scores pretty low on honesty and morality too.

Anonymous said...

I truly get a kick out of all of the loudmouth Republicans who like to beat up on hillary. If she such a piece of crap, I would think someone would of defeated her when she ran for US Senate. They chickened out of course, she won.

Anonymous said...

I would like to say that I agree with your scenairo. However, if Rudy get the GOP nomination he may be competeitive in Blue states but will be far to liberal ona whole host of issues to be safe in too many Red states, which leaves his back door open to a thrid party candidate that will drain enough votes from the GOP to the Democrat.

Rudy and Mitt have been videoed taped flip-floppying too many times to be taken seriuosly in flyover country, especially the South, parts of the Midwest and Great Plain States. Huckabee is too Southern Baptist minister to be taken seriously in the North. I can't see industrial states Catholics and African-Americans voting for a white conservative minister from Arkansas as President.

Right now, McCain seems to be the only Republican without the personal and political baggage that has solid conservative credentials that could pull the rabbit out of the hat. But he is far behind in the polls. Only time will tell but the Republicans are too far away to be a show in.

Danny L. McDaniel
Lafayette, Indiana

Anonymous said...

I'm thinking some of these responses are too far outside the realm of possibility. Any chance too many people decided they could only mark one answer for each candidate and skewed the results? What do you think?

OMMAG said...

The really astounding statistic that I see is that Hillary scores 2nd highest (61) on INTELLIGENCE!!
Behind Obama (65) ???

This is the SAME Hillary Clinton who's married to Bill Clinton? The same one who shortly after 9/11 said "We've got to seal the Canadian border! All the 9/11 terrorists came into the US from Canada. Everybody Knows that!!!!!"
And Just WHAT has Barrak Obama done or said to show that he is intelligent??? WTF?
Other than that Giulianni scores best on Competence, Reliability, Leadership and Judgment! BUT of course NO ONE cares about those qualities in a President!!
Good God.........

Anonymous said...

OMMAG are you serious? Have you read any of the bios on the candidates are do you just listed to what the media spoon feeds you on a daily basis? Barack is a very intelligent guy, perhaps the most intelligent candidate (along with Ron Paul). He went to Columbia undergrad, and then on to Harvard Law. Last I checked, Harvard Law is the #2 law school behind Yale. (which is where Hillary graduated law school) Damn, even Giuliani is smart even though he can't complete two sentences without a stutter. (He graduated from NYU law school; #4 law school in case you still don't get it)

Anonymous said...

Hillary Clinton is unelectable! Period. I am a die hard GOPer, but my undecided friends all say, the GOP has 240 electoral votes to start with in the bag and another 35 that are tilted the GOP's way, so she has to pick up somewhere. The electional is all about three states, Ohio, Penn, and Florida. If Rudy is in the race, she HAS to spend money in NY, which means less for the those three "swing" states. McCain is popular in CA, another state she would have to spend money in, so this time, the GOP is in a clearly strong position. Obama is just too liberal even for the Dems. My prediction is McCain over Hillary, 285-250 electoral votes.

Anonymous said...

Obviously your analysis was completely off. Good work.

mxcowboy said...

well sadly it seem that obama is the democratic candidate he obviously isnt getinng votes for his veiws because they are horrible so we all know why people vote for him! and he will ruin our country if he wins . so try to save our country vote MCCAIN!