Monday, November 19, 2007

What I've Always Suspected

I respect the most ardent communist that believes what he or she is saying more than some wishy washy type that just wants to sit on the fence and refuses to have an independent thought in an attempt to placate everybody.

At parties in my youth you could tell these people as they would say things like;

"Well, Rush Limbaugh is certainly a great entertainer."

What the hell is that??? Arguably the most incendiary person in politics over the past 20 years and you have that "opinion?"

Same thing when they say "well, I'm an independent, I like to look at both sides of the issues and compromise in between."

As Margaret Thatcher said, "Compromise is the absence of leadership."

So seriously, I do respect people I completely disagree with more than some make-nice-with-everybody placator.

However, this chart from The Economist confirmed something I've always suspected of "independents:"

They're just democrats in disguise.

Note "independents" practically have the same numbers in this poll as the democrats.

Alas, Independents should just be called "Don't Rock the Boat Democrats."


Anonymous said...

I'll keep an eye out for a Democratic party takeover of the Independence party. The State convention is on the first of December, and I'm a delegate again.

Ro! said...

I figured Independents are the liberal moron who don’t have a back bone.

If men had brain, they would be republicans,
If they don’t have brain, they would be liberals,
If they are missing a spine in addition to the brain they would be independents.

Margaret Thatcher said “"Consensus is the absence of Leadership" also said “This is why totalitarians - whether of the Stalinist or School Teacher variety - will do all they can to destroy "leadership". They are uniquely trained to attenuate and undermine any hint of leadership in your children.