Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Blowing Up Satellites

Hello all Junior, Deputy, Official and otherwise Aspiring Economists!

The Captain is on vacation and will not be making lot's of posts as I'm hiking out in the wilderness and sleeping at waysides (as hotels cost money, and it is more economical). Plus I'm out in Arizona and this is a big state with a lot of open spaces where there is no internet access.

Regardless, I am posting from scenic Jerome, AZ which is a quaint town.

In anycase, read an article in The Economist on the way down here about how the Chinese a couple months back decided to blow up a satellite.

I remember the American response, according to the media, that we were appalled and this was saber rattling and China just showing us that they could knock out our satellites, which would impair a fair amount of the military.

However, I found out the real reason for NASA's angst and that was in blowing up just one aging satellite the Chinese literally bolstered the amount of debris floating around which, when coming in contact with a rocket flying at mach 7, results in a fair amount of damage. Thus the chart which I found interesting;

In any case, will be back later in the week. Postings will be sparse.


Anonymous said...

I didn't remember the Chinese blowing up a satellite, I remember them blinding a spy satellite with a laser. It prevented it from functioning as it flew over, but, then went back to operating normally.

Maybe there was this blowing up thing too, but I didn't see it in the news that I can remember.

And, vacation in Arizona? Don't you have family in Berkeley? I keep telling you, the Sierras, that's where you want to go. Soooo nice. And it's winter, so the crowds in places like Yosemite are smaller.


Steve said...

I think I remember something about this but my main purpose of this comment is that I need to change my profession. Captain, it always seems like your on vacation. When and if I change careers, would you be willing to negotiate my vacation package?

Captain Capitalism said...

Ha! Well, my vacations are pretty blue collar. I take the train or the bus, a flight if it's really affordable. Then I crash with friends in town or sleep at waysides since I primarily just go fossil hunting and hiking/climbing.

Also my typical vacation lasts about 4 days.