Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Mexican Work Ethic

If you don't work you don't eat. Very simple concept. Because if everybody watches too much 90210 or it's current day "I was young in 1991 but now I'm approaching 40 but still want to feel young" incarnation "The Cashmier Club" or whatever the heck it's called, then you think wealth, food, shelter, clothing and SUV's grow on trees and are naturally supplied by the government or a rich husband. And though I am against illegal immigration and am the first to support the minute men, I will in economic intellectual honesty tip my hat to the work ethic of Mexicans, particularly the youth. For you see, if you want to know who will be taking care of you in old age and paying those social security contributions not to mention leading the country and being the best indicator to future economic growth you have to look at youth.

My only question is what the hell is up with Poland???? Good lord, didn't you learn your experiences with communism that should make you grateful to go out and kick a$$ and take names and work? What are you waiting for????


Anonymous said...


Did you see the article over at Foreign Policy about how the French and Germans are teaching their youth all about the evils of capitalism?


Here's a quote from the article describing a French textbook:
Because the 21st century begins with “an awareness of the limits to growth and the risks posed to humanity [by economic growth],” any future prosperity “depends on the regulation of capitalism on a planetary scale.” Capitalism itself is described at various points in the text as “brutal,” “savage,” “neoliberal,” and “American.”

And the illustration from a German 4th grade MATH textbook is priceless:

"In 2004, a bread roll costs 40 cents. From the wheat that went into it, the farmer received less than 2 cents. What do you think about that?"

Anonymous said...

This can be explained by the high minimum wage that Poland has. Furthermore, as you can see youth unemployment in Poland doubles the normal unemp rate. This seems to be the case in all other countries, too. So the main problem in Poland is not youth unemployment, but overall unemployment. And I bet this has something to do with government regulation.

Poland's youth wants to work, just think of all the Polish who go to Britain every year.

Kasia said...

Yup - we get tons of Polish-born priests coming to the U.S. It seems to reflect a broader migration trend - there are no jobs in Poland, so people are going where there are jobs.

Anonymous said...

If you don't work you don't eat. The bible has a simular phrase. Novel idea in these times!

Steve said...

Dtrum is exactly right. The Poles are in demand here because they work so hard. It's the native Brits who take time off every other week, and one in ten people of Pakistani origin are on permanent sick benefit. That's probably down to in-breeding as a result of centuries of cousin marriage.
Though it might be just the Poles who want to work come here.
Steve, UK

Captain Capitalism said...

Drum is usually always right.