Thursday, January 17, 2008

You Can't Make This Up

I hope when I am dead at least I will leave this little blog as kind of a record of history of how things happened. But most importantly, when they inevitably do prove global warming to be a hoax, that these pictures will be used to historically document the idiocy of it all, along with Dotcom Mania, Beanie Babies and the hopes of the Minnesota Vikings winning a super bowl.


Anonymous said...

MM-hmm. because your credibility for even talking about the scientific data for climate change is, what?

That's what I thought.

Anonymous said...

the Yank, there are plenty of books out about the fallacies of climate change science and how much of it is junk science.

And this question is very much an economic one as it is a scientific one.

Global warming IMO is nothing more than a belief adhered to by the rest of the world that has adopted environmentalism as their new religion, and by folks who want to use government to micromanage our lives.

California for example just tried to make it law where the State would control your central air-conditioning via radio signal (it got stopped though, for now, because of the People).

Arcane said...

the Yank is quite the troll, isn't he? Is he saying that you shouldn't be allowed to discuss the issue if you are not formally trained / indoctrinated?

Captain Capitalism said...

As I said before Yank, in time, this will be an embarassment to all of those who believed in this global warming scam. I am not an expert, but I've read enough from both sides to know it's not conclusive, and certainly not worth risking the entirety of all free market's economic growth on it.

Why is it that the "solution" is always of a leftist flavor? Has a solution ever been "cut taxes and let the people keep more of their money and be free?" I mean, aside from getting out of a recession when it really matters, why is it the solution to all that ail society is more government and higher taxes?

It is not coincidence and you know it.

Anonymous said...

I have a hard time figuring out which part is the scam in the global warming deal.
Is Cap's position that global warming isn't happening at all? Or is his position that it is indeed occurring but man has nothing to do with it? I have read his posts that support both views.
This is the hard part about taking people who deny global warming seriously because they say it isn't happening but then turn around and say it is happening but natural cycles or sun spots are causing it.

Captain Capitalism said...

Sorry, my mistake for not clarifying, yes global warming is occurring. I doubt humans have nor can have anything to do with it. Sun spots, natural cycles, etc.

Otter said...

*sighs* the internet can be a pain.

Good site, Captain:

It appears the Peak of gw was ten years ago. We are now going the other way.

Anonymous said...

Actually, 1998 was the warmest in history and while it was predicted then that warmer years were to come, none have. So the temp has kind of stagnated.

Smerdyakov said...

When the acolytes of anthropocentric global warming start advocating for the expansion of nuclear power as a means to reduce carbon output, then I might start taking them seriously. Until then? They'll be a hilarious punchline to an unfunny joke.

The Ghost said...

MM-hmm. because your credibility for even talking about the scientific data for climate change is, what?

ahahahaha... he can probably read, for one.

When the ancients find the servers containing this blog, the first comment they see on this post will read, to them: "Ye Dullard and Oaf, dinnae Pretend to Astronomy and Physik when yewe be no practisour of leecraft verily your-self!"

Anonymous said...

Hey Capt, what are your views on evolution? Just curious.

Anonymous said...

Sorry, my mistake for not clarifying, yes global warming is occurring.

Um ... what do you mean by "global warming is occuring" ... there are at least two important accepted measurements which do not agree with each other or the AGW theory.

One is ground level measurements, subject to urban heat island effects and with very spotty coverage in the southern hemisphere and over oceans. Also subject to Hansen's whims and arbitrary (unexplained) "corrections".

The other is satellite based measurements of the mid to upper troposphere.

The second, far more "objective" set of measurements show very gradual cooling over the past 15 to 20 years. That may have been corrected but the amount of change is far smaller than the ground stations.

There are still no consistent way to measure a global temperature at the ground[1] and hence no experimental data. Hence no science. Sorry.


[1] There are both (relative to the changes claimed) large diurnal and large annual variations in temperature so using measurement times must be precise and consistent. I'm not sure that this is the case. There are many fewer measurement stations than there were 20 years ago and there are very few measurement stations with a continuous 100 year record.

Anonymous said...

Snausage: A) It is not at all conclusive man is causing this (mars icecaps are melting, earth was much warmer in past eras, etc.). B) Even if man is causing it, does it matter? Earth has been warm before. C) In any event, we can't do anything about it (see Paul Samuelson). None of Gore's solutions make a dent in the problem.

Anonymous said...

Environmentalism is best understood as a New Religious Movement. It's basically just a thin eco-layer placed upon the dying corpse of Christianity. Which is why it's most successful in the post-Christian West.

We have an Eden (unspoiled nature), original sin (energy use, CO2 emmission, ie breathing), penance (recycling). The list goes on.

There is a probable chance that we will experience a mild increase in temp over the next hundred years. We will adapt easily to this very mild climate change.

There has been no credible arguments for massive economic intervention. The cure is worse than the poison.

Human health and welfare are harmed when you slow (or worse reverse) economic growth. Any eco-benefits you gain by crushing energy use will be lost in the human suffering you impose.

Environmentalism is profoundly immoral. Especially so since it's a wealthy liberal elite who so cavalierly talk of destroying the engine of growth that can lift the world's poor out of poverty.

Only when the enviros resort to intellectual dishonesty can a case be made that the benefits of eco-socialism out weigh the costs. I'm talking about the Stern report which used a 0% discount rate -- which is beyond economically illiterate and just a dishonest lie.

Just imagine going back a 100-150 years to tell some poor sap in 1850 that he needed conserve energy so somebody in 2007 could afford a new XBox.

Humanity will be vastly wealthier in the year 2100. If you want to shiver in the cold and dark to enable a stranger in 2150 to buy an XBox 8000, then go ahead. Just please don't crush my dreams and hopes under your eco-hysteria while your at it.

The eco-crazies are just the latest in a long line of apocalyptic nut-jobs. We don't listen to the Left Behind crowd and we shouldn't listen these nuts either.

M. Simon said...

Global warming occurring?

Not lately. Temps are stalled since about '98.

sean foley said...

No doubt you should keep hold of these pics. Today there are people digging up the old stories on the impending ice age, which we should be experiencing right about now, according to the scientists at the time.
Oops, I forgot, the scientists today never make mistakes. Back then they were so busy planning manned missions to the moon they had an excuse for predicting a global apocalypse.

Colonel Robert Neville said...

Dear Cap'n:

AHoy! Swingin' blog ya have in port. I came via the Steyner. Mark Steyn has you up as a link on his site.

You're right. GW is bollocks, all of it. It will slowly fade away like the months of massive flood waters we have here in Australia right now.

Apparently GW causes freezing rain AND drought. Amazing. Is there nothing it can't do? Maybe mow my lawn and take out the trash?

All merely ideological, political, money, power and status movement lies. It's the mad moral vanity control freakery of Leftism via a mediocre MSM and the lure of another taxpayer funded gravy train scam.

Er, the world has been a ball of screaming fire, sub tropic, ice and back to tropic again etc, etc. We're in a small window geo time wise of moderate temp.

What should the temperature be right now where you are? Hotter or cooler?

Yeah, people seem to survive ok where it's 20 degrees warmer on average than here. Apparently a .05change will be the end. Like the dinosaurs eh? Hey, T-REX was done in by the Industrial Revolution maybe! Why not?

With GW all the sequences are interchangable. Er, CO2 increases AFTER warmer temps? Um, just SAY the opposite. Whose gonna check? Nobody!

Climate Change is all Logical Fallacy, kid. Even the name, er, climate does change...that's why they call it climate or weather and not granite.

Look at the mediocre politicians, actors, celebrities and Leftard academics who push it. Not my idea of Quality Control, or serious research and analysis.

All the best Cap.

Colonel Neville. Melbourne Australia.

Anonymous said...

I'm currently shivering while wearing five layers of clothing, so global warming doesn't scare me too much. read about founding father john witherspoon at

Anonymous said...

Hey, I agree wholeheartedly with the sentiments in your post, but could you please make your minuscule thin white-on-black font even more illegible? I need my morning headache.


Anonymous said...

Great reading Mark Steyn's site as it led me here. Great two way debate on most US blogs in contrast to the one way traffic this side of the pond where to express scepticism of the climate cooling/warming/changing topic leads to deep derision from the well heeled intellectuals / BBC MSM staffers but great sympathy from joe public who relays the inability to forecast tomorrow's weather never mind 20/30 + years ahead. From this englishman's perspective it's all down to one driving force here in UK - Messers Blair & Brown realised a good few years ago that given dearth of enterprise in UK ( my son's just returned from first trip to west coast ( SF ) & was blown away with the fact that things just work & how everyone is polite, professional & committed to doing their best - echoing his experience on east coast previous year) the only way to fund the welfare system holding 1.2 M unemployed + 5.2 M "incapacitated" - back pain & "stress" being the main causes, + umpteem millions pensioners is to establish London as the carbon off-set capital of Europe first & eventually the globe. All those commissions even at 1% add up to zillions if everybody falls for the scam. Hence it's heretical to encourage open debate within the country via media as it holds the key to UK's last chance of economic survival. Sad mad & bad. Thank God for the good old USA

Anonymous said...

Yank's also a hypocrite, because he neglected to offer his own obviuously voluminous CV as a GW expert before reactionarily trashing the Captain.

It seems obvious that if credibility were truly a factor, Yank might start his end of the discussion by attempting to build some first. Instead we quickly recognize that Yank's view of things is "You're wrong because I'm right - period."

The really funny part is wheree Yank pretends that the silence in their own post constitutes agreement, rather than the actual severe case of wishful-thinking it generally signifies.

tweedburst said...

"the Yank" needs to join Apocaholics Anonymous. Everything I deplore about the bull**** global warming fraud is covered at this website:

Global warming is another in a long line of fraudulent apocalypse claims being served up by people with insidious political agendas. I trust Al Gore as much as I would trust Pol Pot.

Captain Capitalism said...

Don't worry about the "Yank"

he's a well known troll on the "blogosphere" and a perpetual Berkeley grad student that I think is 43 and never worked a day in the private sector. No point in responding to him.