Saturday, January 12, 2008

Yeah, Right. Global Warming

It's snowing in Baghdad.


Anonymous said...

Sorry Captain, gotta disagree with you in this case. That doesn't count as scientific proof. I could say that this winter is extraordinary warm, for we (in Switzerland!!) didn't have had temperatures under -2°C/~30°F yet and only a little bit of snow.

Anonymous said...

Come on Captain! Don't you know that the term "Global Warming" is passe? The new term is "Global Climate Change", which by using that term, the Libs (oops.. I mean "Progressives") can throw your comment back in your face. "See! We are harming the planet! It's snowing in Baghdad!"

Captain Capitalism said...


Agreed, but my skepticism is not due to an insolated incident like snowfall in Baghdad, but that the whole concept of this global warming is hyper-prone to manipulation on par with most major religions.


Yes, fully aware of it. It's never been about global warming, it's been a weak, albeit, ashamedly successful attack on capitalism. Amazing how all the solutions are anti-free-markets and not anti-communism.

Anonymous said...

the libs are a bunch of commies