Thursday, November 04, 2010

Liberal Arts Majors Need Not Apply

Looking at possible places to go to. And what do you know, countries have requirements before you move there. And guess what? Not a lot of demand for "communications majors."


ShreyasKaptan said...

Why NZ though?

Australia looks much better.... NZ is a small and poor nation as such. Or am I missing naything?

Captain Capitalism said...

I dedicated about a months worth of pulling data and statistics to find countries that would be viable alternatives to the US. I also found it to be a pretty good predictor of currencies. REgardless, Australia IS a great place to live. NZ is also pretty good too, though Australia does beat it. The Aussies have pretty much an identical list.

Canada is also a good option locally and they are not as stingy on the application requirements.

ShreyasKaptan said...

Well Australia has an additional advantage of the weather. Its warmer there. Also vacations to NZ are very much possible (that's what I think its best for).

I did the same thing as you recently. I am in Europe and things are not so nice here. So I went about comparing different countries by my priorities. Australia sees to be well balanced.

But you know better I guess.

Captain Capitalism said...

Oh, no, you're right. Australia beats out NZ, I just sent my application in and didn't get accepted. YOu have to basically apply for jobs and then get an employer to bring you over.

Anonymous said...

What, a country that actually requires you're worth a shit before accepting you in!!?? How evil!! :)

Anonymous said...

Fuck off all of you. We Australians can turn out our own unemployable Arts majors thank you very much. We don't have to import them.

Serious question Capt, I'm young and I've wasted time at uni accruing a useless uni debt, so what is the best move. I have spent the last year shaking off the feminist/marxist indoctration of HS and uni and now I'm interested in making money. I have a few business ideas and investment strategies I'd like to try out in the longer term, but right now I am only interested in getting some cash.
What are the best industries to get into? What jobs? What, if any, formal education or qualifications are worth getting?

I'm an Australian obviously.

- Breeze

Anonymous said...

Love your blog but find your constant criticism of liberal arts majors a bit excessive. My wife graduated with a degree in Spanish language/literature from a top school. She earned an MBA years later and is now running a Fortune 100's offices in finance and operations in three foreign countries. She makes very good money, too. She would not have had this opportunity with your narrow-mindedness about the liberal arts. Besides, isn't Econ in most top schools part of their College of Arts & Letters? If you ever graduated as an Econ major, then you, too, would be considered a liberal arts major in many places.