Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Lo Chiamavano King/Red Dead Revolver

This has nothing to do with economics, but rather is one for the vintage video gamers out there (as well as appreciators of spaghetti westerns). Did some researching because I was quite surprised by the quality of music in the video game "Red Dead Revolver." Turns out they pulled a TON of music from the old spaghetti westerns to reincarnate them in the video game. Arguably one of the best is the one I put below (because the funk bass guitar in my humble non-musically trained mind is awesome).

This then set me on a path of appreciation for composers of the spaghetti western genre. Luis Bacalov, Ennio Morricone, etc. You kind of take it for granted that these are just scores for movies, but if you listen to enough of them you almost appreciate the symphonic quality and skill of these guys.

Ergo, since I am your captain and what would a post be without me barking orders of some kind, your mission is to go to youtube and listen to some of the soundtracks. May I suggest the perfect combination of the chimes produced by a music box and a symphony playing in the background from the finale of "For a Few Dollars More?"


ShreyasKaptan said...

Hey captain. I am already a fan of Morricone. I have entire collection of his music and I listen to it all the time. just a suggestion, but have a look at "My Name is Nobody" if you have the time.

Liberista said...

best scene/music ever of western movies history: the graveyard scene in "The good, the bad, the ugly"
simply awesome

GW South said...

Thought this was pretty funny. If these leftists had sat through the VERY FIRST CLASS of an intro to micro course, they would know what this sign meant.


amcz said...

Hey, if you like that music, you should check out LucasArts' Outlaws soundtrack: